Photo as Art: 8 Tips for the Perfect Picture

Watching pictures of professional photographers on social networks is always a pleasure – it seems that only these people can shoot like gods. But it turns out that it is possible to take a good-looking picture with an ordinary smartphone. Modern tools allow you to add a timestamp, apply light correction and bring the photo to perfection. But in this article, we’re going to talk about the basics that everyone who loves photography should follow.

Make the accent on the main thing in the photo

First of all, you need to highlight the story center – the accent, what you want to show first in the photo. For example, if you are doing a portrait of a person in the background of something, the subject center will be on the person. If it is a landscape of mountains, for example, the emphasis is usually on a particular mountain. It has to be some object that somehow stands out, that attracts the most attention. The accent can be made with light or composition.

Take unnecessary things out of the frame

If we are making a still picture, we need to remove everything unnecessary. For example, if we take a picture in a cafe, remove all jackets from the frame, bitten donuts, dirty dishes, wait until the waiters pass. When all the unnecessary details are removed, the frame immediately becomes clear and attractive, the brain is not distracted by all the unnecessary details.

Watch the combination of colors and light

One more important thing when shooting is the harmony of colors in the frame. You have to try to make sure that some color doesn’t visually distract from the center of the story. Also, pay attention to the light. For example, if you want to photograph a person on a bright sunny day, you need to go into the shade, because the light is very harsh. Indoors, you have to work from a window. Windows diffuse it, so indoor light is always soft and gives beautiful shadows.

Take shots in motion

Many people know that certain poses look most advantageous in a photo. You can easily find them on the Internet and try to copy them. But now it’s more popular to take casual photos in motion. Such shots look much more successful. A casual little leap forward, a walk are always a winner. You have to try to create and capture the moment.

Don’t be afraid to take pictures in public places

A lot of people are afraid to take pictures in public places. They come to a cafe, it seems like they want to take a picture, but the person is shy. No need to be afraid, you just have to do it! If you see a beautiful shot and manage to capture it, it’s worth it.

Shoot what you do

Many people think that food photography is at the height of popularity right now, but it’s not. The popularity of such photos is on the wane. A popular photography trend right now is a lifestyle – taking pictures of one’s lifestyle. People often take photos of how they live, how they spend their day, talk about their hobbies. And it’s good, it’s motivating: a person thinks about what he would like to show, what he would like to photograph. He spends time not only at work, but he also goes to some events, does sports, something else. Photographers (and not only) use this trend to convey their attitude towards life.

See the work of famous photographers

It’s probably the most important thing. You have to look at other photographers’ work every day, but it’s worth mentioning here that you should follow the work of acknowledged professionals or study pictures of the classics of photography. Because it develops taste. If you watch the work of professionals for a long time, you will automatically be worth a shot like your favorite photographer. Such imitation won’t be a minus, because you won’t be able to shoot like your favorite photographer anyway – you have a slightly different perspective and, plus, the baggage of those photographers you still watch. The result is a kind of synthesis, your style.

Take story-driven photos

There are no universal subjects that can be photographed and get a thousand “likes” on social networks. Because even an incredibly beautiful sunset can be photographed in such a way that the shot will be boring and will not attract any attention at all – it all depends on the photographer. There are conditions in which it is easier to shoot. Of course, there are shots that a lot of people like, like children and cats. Just because it’s cute.


Sudarsan Chakraborty is a professional writer. He contributes to many high-quality blogs. He loves to write on various topics.