Perfect teeth: how can you get it?

What should a perfect set of teeth be like?

Your smile is one of the first things people notice about you, so it’s important to have perfect teeth.

Perfect teeth don’t come naturally, but with proper care and treatment, you can get close.

Dental hygiene is very important for our health, but also for our confidence. When we smile, we want our teeth to look their best. But what exactly does that mean? For some people, perfect teeth can mean perfectly straight teeth with no gaps.

For others, it can mean sparkling white teeth. And for others, it can mean healthy gums, well defined and at the right height in relation to the teeth. Of course, not everyone is born with perfect teeth. But that doesn’t mean we can’t aspire to perfection.

With a little time , patience, and effort, we can all have the perfect teeth of our dreams.

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A frequent query is what to eat after wisdom teeth removal. But first, tell us more about the removal of wisdom teeth. Third, molars are another name for wisdom teeth. They usually emerge last and grow at the back of the gum line.

Now, your perfect teeth!


What should I do to have perfect teeth?

When starting to build a perfect denture we have to take care of different aspects such as the ones you will find below .

They are all important and they all have a function or aesthetic . Read carefully and discover at what point 

White color –One of the most notable characteristics of our teeth is their color.

An attribute that everyone can observe and that is undoubtedly also part of the quality of our teeth.

Dirty, yellowed or stained teeth can be an aesthetic problem, but also a trust and health problem. Are there solutions? Of course yes!

Firm and aligned gums –After looking at our teeth, it is time to focus on the gums.

The gums or soft tissue should be firm and aligned, as well as a healthy color. Normally light pink tones .

Any stain or pain in the gum is important to review with a professional. 

They are also one of the areas where we can present more problems in case of not having adequate oral hygiene .

Dental Symmetry –With white teeth and healthy, firm and aligned gums we must take a look at dental symmetry.

Blows, hereditary factors or other aspects can condition the appearance of our teeth .

invisible braces are used to align your teeth so before whitening they have to straight to give you a decent look.

Oral symmetry, like many other oral conditions, has a solution, so it will not be a problem when it comes to getting your new perfect smile.

Dental Alignment – We not only have to look at dental symmetry, another really important aspect isdental alignment.

Aligned teeth like the ones you can get with Ensmile invisible orthodontics are a guarantee of aesthetics, and more importantly, of dental health.

The different types of crowding, diastema or deep bite can cause serious dental health problems, so it is important that you review this situation with your professional from time to time.


Inflamed gums can change the gum line and make your teeth look unsightly because they may be darker, such as gray, yellow, or brown.

Gum recession indicates that the teeth are too long and even the roots of the teeth are exposed, which can also affect the appearance of the teeth.

To solve these problems, treatments such as gum grafting or gingivectomy are used.

Healthy habits to have perfect teeth

Good oral hygiene habits –We too will have to do our bit in this project.

Oral hygiene habits are essential – in order to keep all aspects of your mouth healthy.

Plaque or cavities – can end up in cases of halitosis, root canals or extraction of different dental pieces.

Regular check-ups at the dentist – Hereditary, chance or care factors are part of a perfect set of teeth, but we must also include the professional factor.

Going to our dentist on a regular basis is the best way to have outstanding teeth. 

Reduce tobacco consumption – If you are a smoker, no one needs to tell you all the possible consequences of its consumption, but in case these were not convincing enough, we leave you one more:

Tobacco is one of the worst enemies of your mouth. In addition to breath and discoloration of teeth,


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