Path of Exile Delve Contained Chaos Items Guides

In the treacherous depths of Path of Exile Delve lies a hidden treasure that many adventurers overlook—the Contains Chaos items. These seemingly unassuming items hold immense value, not only due to their rarity but also because of a particular mod that can turn the tides of battle. In this guide, we will explore the untapped potential of these items and shed light on their true worth. Prepare to discover the defensive prowess they offer to Chaos Inoculation characters and learn how to make the most of them in your Path of Exile journey.

Understanding the Mod
At the heart of the Contains Chaos items lies a mod that stands out from the rest: “Physical Damage from Hits taken as Chaos Damage.” While the fractured version of this mod is the epitome of rarity, the non-fractured version found on Hubris Circlets is where true value lies. This mod provides an exceptional defensive layer for Chaos Inoculation characters, granting them unparalleled damage mitigation against physical hits.

Synergies and Defensive Stacking
The power of this mod truly shines when combined with other defensive layers, such as the Fourth Vowel or Divine Flesh keystones. By maximizing your chaos damage mitigation, you can reach new heights of survivability. A Hubris Circlet with the “Physical Damage from Hits taken as Chaos Damage” fractured explicit mod and the “Physical Damage from Hits taken as Chaos Damage” implicit mod (Eater of Worlds, Aligned, Exquisite, or Perfect tier) can provide a substantial energy shield boost and significant physical damage reduction. Additionally, skills like Energy Shield Mastery and bench-crafted life further enhance your character’s defense.

Acquiring and Valuing Contains Chaos Items
While finding the fractured version of this mod is a rarity, the non-fractured Hubris Circlets can be more readily obtained. Approximately 1 in 50 helmets that drop game-wide are Hubris Circlets, making them a reasonably farmable item. However, it’s important to note that the Contains Chaos items cannot spawn with an item level higher than 83, limiting the potential for tier-one energy shield rolls. In the Standard league, exceptions exist with the existence of Accommodators.

Deterministic Farming and Investment
Delving deep into the mines may be time-consuming, but it can yield significant Poe Currency rewards. As you descend further, the chance of encountering Contains Chaos item nodes increases, particularly until around 500 depth. While obtaining these items may take some time and effort, a single find can make all your delving endeavors worthwhile. The rarity and demand for these items often make them valuable, attracting Chaos Inoculation characters with considerable wealth to invest.

The Contains Chaos items found in delve offer an extraordinary defensive opportunity for Chaos Inoculation characters. By acquiring a Hubris Circlet with the “Physical Damage from Hits taken as Chaos Damage” mod, you unlock a powerful layer of defense that, when synergized with other defensive mechanisms, can push your character’s survivability to new heights. While these items may be rare and require investment, their potential for enhancing your gameplay experience is undeniable. So, delve deep, keep your eyes open, and may your fracturing orbs yield fascinating results.


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