5+ Blogs That Make a Passive Income On The Internet

Are you also confused as to what kind of blogs will help you make a passive income in 2021?

In this article, you will get to know which blogs you should work on to generate passive income in 2021.

The best part?

Here you will know which blogs you have to choose, so that blog should give you passive income for the next 20 to 30 years.

In short

In this article, we will learn about blogs or evergreen niches that are making money to successful bloggers to date and these bloggers are still working hard on these blogs to grow their monthly revenue.

Before starting let’s know what is this term​ niche​ means.

What is a niche?

In digital marketing, the niche is a particular area or area where you only have to work for that particular subject. Here you have to work on one topic and make it a brand.

for example –

If you want to do blogging, then you can go with one particular topic and this is what we call the blogging niche.

Why we should go with niche blogging?

There is no such rule here that we should go to one place, but if you go to one place then you can get these benefits.

  1. You can easily target your audience in the initial phase of your blogging career.

  2. Helps you to rank on google because here you are uploading material particular to that

    niche and google ranks those blogs easily which stick to a particular niche.

  3. Your visitors can easily find your blog on any search engine.

  4. And the main point is that here you will get a specific or targeted audience and this is

    best for affiliate marketing.

Now, let’s discuss those niches which are profitable to work in 2021.

Types of blogs that make a passive income

  1. Health and fitness.

  2. Fashion and beauty.

  1. Educational blogs.

  2. Food and recipes blogs.

  3. Travel blogs.

These are some ​evergreen niches​ by which if you work on them you can easily make money for years and years.

Now let’s discuss them in brief Start with

1. Health and fitness

You all know that “health is wealth”, and with the help of this proverb, we can understand the importance of this blogging niche. Searches in the health and fitness niche constitute 72% of the total searches.

If you have some knowledge in this field then you can easily run a blog on health and fitness blog.

2. Fashion and beauty

Fashion and beauty blogs are going to be evergreen because in the modern world people are discovering new fashion and beauty products and you can earn money here too through affiliate marketing, so if you are interested in fashion or beauty then you can go ahead with it .

Here you will get a chance to make money for more than 30 years because fashion is something that will never end or you will have the opportunity to work with micro-niche blogs in fashion blogging.

3. Educational blogs

If you want to earn a good income by blogging, then you can also start an educational blog because you all know that there is a niche of education that will never end.

In education, you can go with any one of the microblog below. I mean you can create a separate blog on any subject and related to the same subject, if you insert blog posts, you can easily make your blogspost Google or any Can also be ranked on other search engines.

4. Food and recipes blogs

The Food and Recipes blog is also a place where you will get a huge amount of traffic to your blog.

This niche is also best for vlogs where you can make vlogs or short videos and share them or upload them to your blog or you can also upload them to youtube.

Food recipes are usually searched in high amounts on search engines so if you can run a food blog then you can definitely go with these types of food or recipes blogs.

This is a good strategy to make money with affiliate marketing.

5. Travel blogs

Travel blogs have made many bloggers successful and can make bloggers successful for many years to come.
Here too, you can go with a micro-niche blog, where you can share posts on a specific part of the travel niche which is known as micro niche blogs.

here you can make a passive income without investing any money for traveling this is because if you want to become a travel blogger then you don’t need to travel the world you can create your blogs or blog posts by your imaginations.

many bloggers are making their blogs with their imaginations and are making a passive income which means you don’t need to travel outside you can write with your imagination and make good money.

These are the best evergreen niche where you get an opportunity to earn money for a long time.