Parenting 101: Some Tips for Inspiring Mothers from Katey Stanley’s Instagram

The famous old proverb too many cooks spoil the broth, pretty much sums up the nightmare of every new mom these days! New mamas today have no shortage of guidance and counsel to help them with their parenting journey.  From bestselling books, audiobooks, training seminars and advices from close family, friends and even random strangers chiming in; they’re given not just a pool but an ocean of advices to pick and choose their favorite parenting style from. However, there’s never a one-size-fits-all approach to parenting.

Luckily for most Millennials, social media has made it easier to find like-minded individuals and learn from their experiences. Whether you’re a soon to be mom, scared about how difficult life might get after your baby, or you’re someone struggling with raising your kids without neglecting your husband and yourself, Katey Stanley is the inspiration you need!

Katey Stanley’s entire Instagram account is dedicated to document the struggles she faces with motherhood and juggling her personal life with parenting. Being a mommy of four, Katey knows exactly what every millennial mum goes through during the early stages of parenthood and has the perfect solution to help you manage life. When asked about how she manages being a writer, blogger, wife and a mother; all simultaneously, Katey has the most awe-inspiring answer, “Having kids shouldn’t put your life on hold, but enhance every experience with an added perspective.”

Easier said than done, right? Wrong! Katey Stanley’s life is nothing out of a fairytale that seems too good to be true. She lives life like an ordinary New Jersey mom who just happens to manage it all better than the rest of us. And how does she do that? Here are a few parenting pointers that Katey pledges by to fulfil her responsibility of being a caring mother while still having sanity and a life of her own!

Learn to Ignore Unsolicited Advices

While most folks who offer advice have your best interests in mind, choosing the parenting approach that works best for you can be stressful and perplexing for a new mother. Of course, each child is unique as well, making it even more challenging to adhere to a particular style that has been suggested by a close friend. Trying out each and every tip that you come across can get exhausting for both the mother and the child. The first thing you might want to do as a mum is obviously ignore most of the parenting tips you receive from here and there.

Get to Know Your Child Better!

So how do I know which parenting style works the best for me? Listen to your motherly instincts and get to know your children better! Depending on the nature and personality of each of her four children, Katey uses a distinct parenting style to ensure every child feels comfortable and catered to by her. Once you know your child inside out, you’ll automatically know what parenting style to adopt around them. The key tip to getting to know your baby better is quality time and observation!

Give Time to Your Kids

By this we don’t just mean put them to sleep, give them a bath or drop them to school. Spend quality time with your children that helps you get to know them better and vice versa. “We love doing things together,” says Katey. “We all love living on a lake, going down to the beach, we love picking apples, berries, strawberries, peaches, anything!” One thing you will notice if you look through Katey’s Instagram is that she frequently takes her kids along with her whether she’s travelling for work, fun or celebration. This accounts for the deep bond she has with them.

Bond with Your Kids

Parents typically believe that spending the entire day chasing after their kids is sufficient enough to “bond” with them. That is wholly incorrect. In order for your children to understand and respect you and give you space when you need it without feeling neglected, they should feel loved and cherished by you. Before working or going on to other activities make sure you have given your kids adequate time and attention like reading them a story book, playing games with them or watching their favorite show with them. Katey highly advices new moms to work when their kids are asleep or away. “I try not to work in front of my kids, I never want them to think I prefer being on my phone or laptop to talking to them,” she shares.

Sometimes, it’s Okay to Lay Back and Relax!

Being a parent is truly a massive balloon of joy and happiness, but exhaustion is the sharp stingy pin that pops it! Most new mothers often exhaust themselves to the point of breakdowns and post-partum depression while looking after their newborns and toddlers. “To these people I would say ignite some passion in your life. Take a trip and find a new perspective,” says Katey, speaking about what she would advice to mothers who feel tired and depressed with their new routines. Once you give your body some time to relax and revitalize, it’ll be easier for you to give your children the love and care they deserve!

Parenting is not rocket science, but it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea either. You need to have a certain sense of responsibility, passion and love in your heart to be a good parent instead of just another one. If you aspire to be one of those mums who are close to their children but have a life of their own too, be sure to follow Katey Stanley’s Instagram account which is an inspiration for all young mamas out there!