Paper Core Market : Value Chain, Stakeholder Analysis and Trends by 2030

The global packaging industry has made remarkable progress in recent years, with numerous innovations and technological advances prioritized. Particular emphasis is placed on ensuring sustainability and the spread of the circular economy. Reliable benefits have been obtained in reducing the generation of municipal solid waste.

Future Market Insights is a  recently published research report that incorporates historical analysis from 2015 to 2019 and future assessments from 2020 to 2030 to thoroughly and bias the global paper core market. Provides no analysis  .

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The global paper core market is highly fragmented, with Tier-3 players accounting for 75% of the global market share. Profiled players include Advanced Paper Tube, Inc., YAZOO MILLS Inc., Smurfit Kappa Group, Sonoco Products Company, CPPC Public Co. Ltd. And so on.

“Manufacturers are increasingly expanding into emerging economies, as consumers’ purchasing power has increased, e-commerce prospects have increased, and the need for robust packaging solutions has increased,” said FMI analysts. I am.COVID-19 Impact Analysis

As the world approaches the end of 2020, industry leaders are optimistic about post-pandemic recovery scenarios. With Pfizer, the pharmaceutical giant, launching vaccination procedures across the UK, analysts expect the vaccine to be available on a large scale in the coming months.

Important point Recycle paperboard to create profitable opportunities to reach US $ 1.4 billion by the end of 2020 High uptake is expected across the paper and polyester segments, reaching approximately 21,100 million units sold by 2025  Paper cores with a diameter of 230 mm or more will remain linchpins until 2030 High demand for hygiene products due to the pandemic crisis has led to a surge in hygiene and tissue paper applications in the short term The global paper core market could grow at a CAGR value of 4.9% by 2030

With up to 4 million doses expected by the end of December 2020, healthcare professionals expect strong antibody protection that people can reach without risk of infection. All these developments are welcome news for the global packaging industry.

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Already, the packaging industry is witnessing a resurgence, with consumers relying on virtual platforms to buy essential products, especially health care and hygiene products. Sustainable demand for ready-to-eat foods and beverages may also stimulate the need for core paper packaging solutions and enable the market to embark on a consistent growth trajectory.