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Ozivi AI Films is the first artificial intelligence solution based on “IPC-E.” With just three clicks, it can turn your videos into amazing interactive video experiences that make them 15 times more profitable.

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Video review for Front End only Ozivi AI Videos

Ozivi AI Videos  – Text From This Video

The following is a review of the Australian V by Mark Duane of Mark Mr. Mark Duane from has arrived. I’ve written my thoughts about Aussie-V here. A quick recap, please: what is Aussie V? One of the earliest IPC-based IA technologies is Ai movies (Ozzy V. Ai films). In only three clicks from the dashboard, your movies may be transformed into jaw-droppingly beautiful, money-making, interactive masterpieces, multiplying your earnings by a factor of ten. Before I go into the meat of the presentation, I’ll give you a quick rundown of Aussie V. I have a few announcements to make, and I am going to alter the process. To put it simply, I engage in this activity. First, I’ll give you a trial, then I’ll show you the product’s optional extras, and finally I’ll give you a look at the bonuses I’ve selected just for you. You may check out the links to the bonuses I’ve personally chosen at the conclusion of this video, or by clicking the “Ozzy V Review Bonuses” button just below the video player. In addition to the above, I’ve included a link to the vendor’s demonstration video below as one of my extra items. There are two buttons labeled “Australia, V, review extras” and “Australia, V, demo.” And the vendor’s demonstration film may be found within the “Australia B Demo” link. So, if you want to learn more about AussieBee, I suggest watching the sample movie that I’ve included in the link below and the following item that I’ll show you. You were the guinea pig for my usage of the aussieb example. Um ozivy has a wide range of applications. Many applications exist for it, too many for me to list them all here. As such, I recommend that everyone interested in Ozzy v view the demonstration video provided below. I’ve begun a campaign. Like this is the kind of campaign I conducted. If I play this video—which I made myself—a web page will load with more instructions. As a result, there are several methods by which you may disseminate these websites and the films they include. If you see a phrase like “click here to enter” or “click here to proceed,” you may utilize this. To illustrate, if I were to click it, I would be sent to this page—the affiliate marketing blueprint—which is one use of the tool. This may be paused, and I drove people there by promoting it in an email blast, as is possible. For this reason, I want to dispatch a trial. Then go ahead and write yourself an email just to see what happens.

Synonyms: Ozivi AO Videos OTO Reviews

After that, I’m checking my inbox. Please do a dry run, Mark Dwayne. If I click that, I’ll be sent here immediately, and you may customize the email from there. The video is included in the template, so if I click here I’ll be sent to the Aussie V. OK, here’s the video in case you wanted to embed it in an email; I’m heading back to the members’ area now. So, here’s what I did to make the video in Aussie V: To begin, I went to the sidebar and made a campaign. Now, you may use Aussie V for several purposes. That’s only one option, and it’s also the one I’ll be discussing in detail, along with the steps I took to implement it. Incredibly versatile, this software may be used for a wide range of purposes. So, please, take note of it. To sum up, therefore, your choices boil down to two. After selecting “Create Campaign,” I can choose between a landscape and a portrait orientation for my template; I’ll go with the portrait orientation so that I may film and submit my own video. You now have a camera, a screen, and a camera. Not that I mind if you film it on your own camera or screen, however. I went ahead and uploaded a video after selecting that option. So, the video I posted was the affiliate marketing blueprint shorts final, and I’m just going to upload it again, stop this, alright, and then go to the next stage. There’s a list of your campaigns here, too. All of your own personal campaigns are right here. Since I have finished this one, I’ll go and you can move on to the next one. Now let’s go into the settings where you may adjust how Aussie V works for you. There are two ways you may get a sneak peek of it: this one, or this one.

The Ozivi A.I. Video OTO Review

Polls, schedules, and tasks may all be included in that section. Several settings are available via the buttons. One may position himself at the top left center, top right center, or bottom left center. I guess the bottom right, left, middle, and right. I’ll add a button at the bottom center of the page to encourage people to click it. Access is granted by clicking this button, turning it on in the settings (on the right side or in the movie), and entering the title “get access” in the box provided. After that, you plug in the web address. In a word, yes. The name of the rallying cry. You then provide the URL and the ACT, or call to action. Here’s where you’ll insert your call-to-action copy, followed by your link; after that, you may add as many more buttons as you want; and here’s where the action will start. It’s something I can alter. If I have my way, that’s precisely what it will be. All right, at the conclusion of the 40-second video (you may add calls to action at different places in the video), and then you select Save Changes. The core is here, and I have successfully entered it. It’s customizable in that you may add answers, have it vanish after a certain amount of time, alter the font size, and more. A viewer may leave a comment on your video. Have your say. The words “Okay, and then you can” elude me, but I know I need to find them. I want to archive that.

Quick Look at the Ozivi AI Videos OTO Product

I’d want to go over to the preferences page, where I may activate the play button before adding it here. The addition of a logo is optional and I personally won’t be doing so. While I’m happy to let you enable a phone number field, I won’t. After saving, you may make a thumbnail and turn on autoplay for the campaign, which will cause a loop of your own thumbnail. Consequently, you may choose a preview there. Some things will be kept as-is, such as slightly altered placement, wording, and color. Then you’ll be able to keep tabs on it. Here you may find your own tracking data. Incorporating Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, the Facebook Pixel, and Search Engine Optimization A form may be added once you’ve optimized the page’s description and title for search engines. In other words, I won’t be including an opt-out form. In other words, I won’t be including this. If everything seems OK, click the “save alright” button, and then have a look at your work. Here’s what I came up with; it’s essentially a carbon copy of the previous version. Truth be told, I was merely following suit. What I’ve Done Once you press play, it will take around 40 seconds to finish playing or showing this exact same region as the previous one. It’s worth noting that these video prompts can already be expanded upon. The only reason I’m doing it is because I can. The clip has been sped up for promotional reasons. As before, it was only a demonstration.

A.I. Video Extras for Ozivi’s Upsell

True; selecting it takes me to the affiliate marketing guide. I’ll activate the link to make it visible to you. But, in any case, I need to return to the members-only section, so that’s the way it goes. Our campaign is safely stored; it is available for review. Here, then, is what lies underneath it, and a replacement is not desirable. I accidentally made myself a bed when I meant to go to the bathroom, so now we need to go to the dashboard and press the incorrect button again. Here are the campaigns I’ve made, and this should be the one I just made; clicking it should take me to the campaign where I can make changes, but um, you’ve got some choices over there. You can, um, here are the metrics for the replies, CTAs, links, and leads, and then when you share, you have several other choices on here, including embedding it like I did in the email. This link may be sent, copied, and pasted into a website, and an email was also sent to you with the same information. The email verification code is created in this step. A little amount of time is needed to produce it. This is how I implemented it in my email; to replicate, just copy and paste the code into your own email before sending it out; the recipients will then get the widget, which may be customized using the widget style choices provided. Put it on your site, and you’ll have complete control over its placement and color scheme. Once you’ve finished designing your widget, you can simply click the “generate code” button. So, that’s how Aussie V works now; it has some additional settings that I won’t go into detail about, and there are some videos up here that I highly suggest you watch before you start using the software, as it does learn; you have to learn where everything is. As a result, you will both have to go through a short period of adjustment.

A.I. Videos Upsell by Ozivi

If you don’t like these videos, feel free to remove them. I didn’t show you, but you’ll discover interactive videos nestled underneath my campaigns; they are the foundation upon which you may create your Aussie V sales structure. Um, I won’t be making a funnel. Video options are available for your viewing pleasure. You may type it up and submit it or you can include a video. A prompt to take action may then be included. The choices available to you on this page are varied. Um, you’ll have to watch the training videos to figure out how to utilize this, since I won’t be devoting much attention to this. Your Australian V-funnels will arrive shortly after you finish making them. Not anything I made myself. I merely showed you the location and a few of the available features, but they’ll find the identical set of controls here and farther down the page. You’ve installed Forms Builder and created a new form, at which point you’ll be prompted to give your form a name; we’ll call ours Mark Twain. From there, you may choose from a number of customization choices; for more information, check out the available training videos, but you do have this choice. Regardless, here is where you can manage your form; I didn’t make one, but yours seems to have a lot of bells and whistles. That’s why it’s not here, but whatever. That’s what I’m thinking. In a nutshell, that’s how Aussie V works. If this seems like something that would be of interest to you, or if you’d want to learn more about the goodies I’ve curated, just click the link below the video.

Ozivi Automatic Interpretation Video Object Linka

Read my free article now! The connection to my extra page purchase program is below. If you like my videos, please like, share, subscribe, and leave a comment; if you don’t, you won’t have access to Aussie Beat or my extra selections. Ozzy V’s upsells and pricing will be discussed next; please check back with me in a moment. The costs and add-ons for Aussie V are as follows. Pro 9 editions include Oto1 and 67. Both the um Pro unlimited and the oto2 Aussie V cost $97 per year. In OT03, Video Elite costs 67 dollars, Australian V shares are worth 147 dollars, and in OT4, the maximum price for an Australian Bee agency reseller is 297 dollars. Those are the Aussie V costs and the Aussie B add-ons, however. Let me now present to you the perks that I have personally chosen. Okay, here are the Ozzy V extras I’ve chosen for you, and I’ve specifically chosen the first eight to ensure your success with Ozzy V; you won’t find them anywhere. Therefore, you may contact them if they seem to have material of interest to you. via the button you’ll find underneath the video. You may obtain access to Aussie Bee and my specially selected extras, plus eight additional bonuses and my super secret bonus package, by visiting my bonus page, clicking the button, and buying the program. In fact, it’s worth much more thanks to my super secret bonus bundle and other perks.

AI Videos Ozivi Local OTO

31.97. Once again, please explain the procedure for acquiring these perks. Just click the link under the video to go to my additional content website. If you buy a program using the link on my bonus page, I’ll throw in some extras that I thought were particularly valuable. In any case, those are the extras I get with Aussie-V. So, there you have it: my thoughts on the Australian V. That being said, I appreciate you taking the time to watch. Be careful. Dwayne Mark. If you like my video review of Aussie V and would want to learn more about Aussie or any of the goodies I’ve carefully selected for you, please do not hesitate to click on the links provided. Is You may get my bonus by clicking the links below the video and then triggering the page. Before I send you off to Page to buy a program and get access to Aussie V and my fat stack of goodies, I wanted to say thanks for watching Stay Safe. As always, I look forward to our next meeting.

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