Outside General Counsel Services for Startups

General Counsel Services

Whether you are a small enterprise or a medium-sized corporation, you are always vulnerable to potential legal issues. Things like litigation and compliance problems are a common occurrence and can happen at any time without warning in the corporate world.

Larger companies often have better resources to deal with such issues. For starters, they may have an entire in-house legal team or department to protect them from any legal predicaments. But what about the small businesses that cannot afford a huge in-house legal team due to a limited budget?

Most small businesses that ignore this aspect often end up dealing with legal issues on their own – at a much greater expense in both time and money. Not only will this cause you unnecessary pain, but it also halts your productivity and consumes your time, energy, and creativity, causing financial turmoil at least temporarily and/or – in the worst-case scenario – permanently.

Our General Counsel services allow you to have a flexible arrangement to deal with your legal issues while you focus on your business activities. I have experience handling some of the most difficult as well as more mundane and typical tasks associated with the needs of businesses throughout the corporate sector.

From contract reviews to general legal advice, we can help you manage a wide array of legal matters. Moreover, you can also contact us to manage your specific legal issues in specific areas of law such as real estate, securities, M&A, etc.

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