OSRS PvP Guide: How to Make Gold in Revenant Caves

This guide will walk you through Old School RuneScape (OSRS) method that can help you earn anywhere from 2 to 400k RS Gold every 15 minutes. While there is a barrier to entry regarding having a suitable account, the time invested in creating one will be worthwhile once you start making Rs Gold. The critical components for this method include a high Magic level, specific quest requirements, combat stats, prayer level, gear, supplies, and teleports. So let’s dive into the details and get started!

High Magic level (ideally maxed).
60 Attack and completion of the Lost City quest.
Minimum 44 Prayer (recommended 52 if desired).
Gear and Supplies: Stamina potions, Super combat potions, Super Range potions, Rune crossbow (upgradable to Dragon crossbow), Enchanted Dragonstone bolts, Super restores, Saradomin brews, Combo eat food (e.g., Rock crabs and Crumb), Prayer potions.
Teleports: Revenant cave teleport and House teleport.
Completion of the Bar Crawl and Horror from the Deep quests.

Getting Started:
Create a suitable account with the necessary stats and quests completed.
Acquire the essential gear and supplies mentioned above.
Ensure you have teleports to the Revenant caves and your player-owned house.

Method Overview:
Always remember not to bring more than you are willing to risk into the Wilderness, as death is inevitable.
Each loot key obtained from kills can range from 2 to 600k.

Method Walkthrough:
Equip yourself with high Magic gear and head to the Revenant caves.
Utilize the entangle and teleblock spells to immobilize your opponents.
Coordinate attacks with your Magic and Ranged styles, keeping your Ranged level within 10 levels of your Magic.
Make use of overhead protection prayers and protect item prayers if you have 44 Prayers.
Consider increasing your Prayer level to 52 for Smite if you desire a more rewarding challenge.
Combo eats food for efficient healing and uses prayer potions when needed.
Utilize the Revenant cave teleport and your player-owned house teleport as necessary.
Completing the Bar Crawl and Horror from the Deep quests will provide alternative methods to the Tome of Fire, reducing risk.
Always be aware of higher-level PKers in the area and take caution.

With the correct account setup, gear, supplies, and strategies, you can earn between 2 to 400k every 15 minutes in OSRS. Remember to practice and familiarize yourself with the method to maximize efficiency and profit.


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