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If you want to find the correct grade of organoclay bentonite, or find a professional organoclay supplier & manufacturer in China. you need to have very professional product knowledge and experience on the product oorganoclayf organo clay rheological additive.

Organoclay,it is also commonly referred to as organophilic clay, rheology modifier agent,organobentonite and drilling bentonite etc.Its application is extremely extensive, whether organoclay in paint coating or ink grease or oil field drilling, it has a wide range of applications. Its main application fields play different roles, Therefore, it is also called suspension agent, anti settling agent, anti sagging agent, thixotropic agent and rheological assistant in different application fields.

What is Organoclay

In terms of appearance, organo clay bentonite is a white powder, its color generally depends on the raw ore used for bentonite, but in terms of performance, whether the color is white or white gray color will affect the appearance of the final product, but will not affect the essential performance.

For example, in the use of cosmetics, many customers want to use white better organoclays.

Therefore, before you purchase organoclay bentonite, if you have special requirements for appearance, please tell us in advance, and we will select organo clay bentonite with corresponding appearance according to your needs.

We emphasize again that no matter the appearance of organic bentonite is white or yellow, it has no essential difference to the final performance of the product itself.

It has the performance advantage of organophilic clay bentonite.

1.Outstanding rheological properties.

2.Good thixotropy and suspension properties.

3.Perfect anti settling performance and anti sagging performance when applied to the ink paint .

4.Improve dispersion performance.

5.Improve the protection performance of the well wall to prevent collapse when you are drilling in the oil field.

Organophilic Clay

 Organophilic clay Application

Organophilic bentonite is a kind of chemical additive with white powder appearance. It is widely used in various industrial fields. The most common and widely used by customers include grease lubricating, adhesive, ink, paint ,coatings, cosmetics and other application fields. At present, the very popular application is widely used in oilfield drilling, especially in the exploitation of fracturing fluid.  At present, the organophilic clay rheological additives of Camp Shinning New Materials have made rapid development in the field of oil field drilling, and have been accepted by a large number of end users, which has also helped a large number of oil field service providers to promote their projects.

Let’s talk about the role of organic bentonite in each application field.

Organoclay bentonite is used in oilfield drilling.

 In fact, many users in the field of oilfield drilling call organo bentonite as organophilic clay, which is what most customers call this product. It has a relatively good suspension capacity in oilfield drilling, so many people call it suspension agent. At the same time, they are interested in lubricating the bit and preventing well drilling collapse during drilling. It has a good preventive effect.  At present, Camp Shinning’s organo bentonite has a huge export volume in oil field drilling.  Organo clays bentonite is used in oilfield drilling field. Camp Shinning is a leading supplier and manufacturer.

Organoclay bentonite is applied to grease lubricating, adhesive.

As a professional organoclay bentonite manufacturer and supplier,  Camp Shinning has different grades applied to different base oils of lubricating grease, such as mineral oil ,diesel oil or synthetic oil. Camp Shinning’s organoclay bentonite has different models to use for different base oils.

 Therefore, we suggest that when you make an inquiry, please first tell us what is your base oil ?It will guide you to select the right type of organoclay thickener  bentonite. This will also greatly save you the time to choose products.

Organoclay thickener in paint, coatings.

Camp Shinning is very professional in this application field, because it has more than 20 years of experience in the market and is widely used in the field of paint and coating. Whether it is a dispersed organic bentonite or pre gel organo bentonite, it has been welcomed by the vast number of paint and coating users, including some world famous paint and coating manufacturers who have used Camp Shinning’s organophilic bentonite for more than 20 years. Organoclay rheological additive bentonite mainly plays an important role in the formulation of paint coatings, such as obvious rheological properties, anti settling properties, anti sagging properties, etc. These will prevent paint coatings from being precipitated in the operation during long term storage. Of course, thixotropic  are also a major advantage of organoclay bentonite to help people.

Organoclay bentonite thickener applied to ink.

The greatest effect of organo clay bentonite in the ink is that it has anti settling property, thixotropic property and rheological property, which will help the ink performance both during operation and storage.Of course, we will also recommend different types of organo bentonite to you for different base oils. Therefore, it is crucial for us to know your base oils and recommend the correct organophilic clay bentonite to you.

 Organoclays bentonite is used in cosmetics.

Organoclays bentonite is mainly applied to the nail polish when applied to cosmetics.According to our experience, most people will choose organoclay rheological additive that is easy to disperse and its model is applied to the production of cosmetics. We also have some successful experience to support you to complete your use of this product.

Organophilic Clay

 Organoclay Suppliers and manufacturers | Organophilic Clay.

Finding a high quality organoclay manufacturer and supplier is the goal of most users who purchase organophilic clay . However, how to identify an excellent supplier requires support from many specific points.

The following 5 points are for your reference when you select and identify high quality organo bentonite suppliers.

1.Does the supplier of organophilic clay bentonite have ISO quality certification?

2.Does the supplier of organoclay bentonite provide free samples for you to test and guide your experimental steps.

3.Whether the organoclay drilling product aimed supplier has a lot of user cooperation experience, even some world class customers.

4.Whether the hectorite organoclay supplier will provide you with a relatively complete product quality report, and reserve each batch, so as to facilitate the follow up of each batch of products.

5.Whether the organo bentonite supplier has the real production and manufacturing capability, even including the R&D capability.

 The above 5 points are only for your reference. If you want to know more specific information and choose the right organo clays bentonite supplier and the right product model, please contact us. It will be a more correct and wise choice for you.

 About the price of organoclay bentonite.

At present, the price of organoclay bentonite in the market is very unstable due to a series of problems such as the price change of raw materials and the exchange rate change. At the same time, the price basically varies according to different application fields. So if you want to make an inquiry, please contact us directly. We will recommend you the most cost effective product model according to your application fields to help you successfully complete your project, We look forward to hearing from you.

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