Organicize Your Life Hosts Powerful Salon on the Urgent Need for Bias-Free Education

On July 23, 2023, accomplished women from across Philadelphia gathered at House of Biryani & Kebabs to discuss solutions to a global issue: how to ensure bias-free education and empower female leadership. The “Women and Education” salon, a pre-event for the October 2023 Organicize Your Life signature 5K Saree Walk, included Navixha Bagga, Senator Amanda Cappelletti, Springford School Board Representative Theresa Westwood, Democratic Representative of Upper Providence Montgomery County Kelly Stevens, and other amazing leaders. While attendees came from every walk of life, they were unanimous in believing that every student, no matter their gender, must be given an equal education.

Organicize Your Life was founded by Navixha and works to change perspectives, one view at a time. She explains that the salon provided a platform for women to have an open dialogue on why it is critical to eliminate bias from education and ensure that schools enable more female leaders.

“In societies around the world, we are seeing divided, unbalanced, agenda-driven populations,” says Navixha. “This, in turn, is shaping public opinion and policies and aligning societal change with particular interests and convictions. While these are doubtlessly complex problems, they can often be traced back to biases in the social framework, which may cause a girl’s education to be different from a boy’s.”

At the salon, Senator Cappelletti, Rep. Westwood, and Rep. Stevens all spoke on the problem to attendees who included Jayashree Bhaskar, Charu Miglani, Priyanka Gowda, Kinjal Sakhida, Soumya Rajesh, Sangita Gupta, Palak An Manish, Natalie Stoner, Huma Q., and Maria Sadler. Ronna Dewey, the Pennsylvania Program Director of Red Wine and Blue, discussed the issue of stopping book bans. 

Attendees agreed that to create a future generation that is more aware and accepting of differences, all genders must be taught equitably. Providing future generations with an equal education while simultaneously enabling girls to realize their inherent leadership abilities is of utmost importance. A non-agenda conformed education is the only way to true progress, upliftment, and stability.

“The old adage really is true: give someone a fish, and you feed them for a day. Teach them to fish, however, and you feed them for a lifetime,” Navixha says. “Of course, we want to do far more than that – we want to enable future women leaders of corporations, politics, business, and nonprofits so that this world will reach its full potential.”

Navixha thanks House of Biryani & Kebabs and Sudheer Rimmalapudi for their warm and beautiful hospitality. “Truly, it is such a lovely venue for celebrations and events, and we hope to have more thought-provoking discussions there soon,” she says. “And a special thanks to all the women who provided such insightful ideas for how we can lift up all students and create the leaders of tomorrow.”

Organicize Your Life will host its next event in October 2023, its 5K Saree Walk that unifies women across colors and ethnicities. To register and join the movement to question inequalities, break barriers, and make the world safer for women, please visit the event’s website

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