Innovation in the healthcare sector in India has always been a complicated process due to many factors, mainly demographic, geographical, and infrastructural. Telemedicine is one such innovation in the healthcare industry. This new development in the digital healthcare industry surely benefits people living in remote and rural areas of the country, but it has proven to be a boon for the entire nation in the wake of the Coronavirus outbreak and the country wide lockdown. People can now get online consultation with leading doctors in India from the convenience and safety of their homes. 

The National Health Service (UK) and the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (US) have recommended use of telemedicine and online consultation with doctors to identify high-risk individuals and treat other ailments during this period of crisis.

Online Video Consultation – Benefits

Through telemedicine, it is possible to seek medical advice and help through telephonic and online video consultation with health professionals, for concerns ranging from general health issues to severe medical emergencies. First and foremost, remote medical consultations are going to help people observe social distancing and contain the spread of Coronavirus, ensuring safety of patients as well as the healthcare providers. They are also a convenient way for people to get medical help during the lockdown.

In addition, telemedicine is a great opportunity for people living in different regions to be able to get in touch with medical experts across the nation. You are looking at accessibility to the best doctors in their fields, and saving time, money, & effort of managing arrangements in a new city.

One vital advantage of online video consultation is availability of more healthcare professionals to provide treatment & care at their respective healthcare facilities.

Online Video Consultation – Growth in India

The telemedicine market in India has been growing, creating a significant impact on the international economy in terms of market share, revenue, and growth. Owing to the large market in rural and urban areas in the country, India’s existing and potential market share in telemedicine is huge.

People living in rural areas of the country do not have access to quality healthcare facilities, and in some cases, even qualified doctors. With a question mark on general healthcare and well-being, managing the Coronavirus pandemic in these regions is definitely a problem.

This limitation of quality medical facilities & resources in rural areas, and the current global crisis have served as an opportunity for the telemedicine market in India to grow exponentially. 

Online Video Consultation – The New Way

As per the latest Indian government guidelines, medical practitioners can remotely provide medical advice relevant to COVID-19, as well as diagnosis & treatment for other medical conditions. Meanwhile, steps are being taken to boost the healthcare infrastructure in the country to fight against this pandemic.

Online video consultation is truly the new way to get medical help.