Onewheel vs Electric Skateboard

In the last year, I’ve been switching the electric skateboard and my Onewheel. 

Before I purchased my Onewheel I was always curious as to what it would be like compared to the electric skateboard. I’m not going to make an unambiguous statement that one is “better” since it’s subjective. Instead, I’ll highlight the distinctions I observed. The aim is to give you an idea of the way they work so that you can make the right choice.

Let’s begin with…


Naturally, it’s distinct from an electronic skateboard since it’s equipped with “one” wheel. Instead of composing the entire text in a long paragraph, I’ll outline the advantages and disadvantages below.

Riding Versatility

I don’t believe it’s a surprise that the onewheel excels offroad. I like how effortlessly it can be able to shift from shredding the pavement and then stepping onto grass. It’s not necessary to be concerned about rough terrain the way you would with many electric skateboards.

Sure, you can have the same versatility using the pneumatic skateboard. However, this is from the viewpoint of urethane wheel designs. Most of the time there’s more room when using the Onewheel due to its high height.


The Onewheel does not require an additional remote. It is controlled by your body weight through the sensors on the pad. Once you’ve got the hang of the system, you’ll find it simple to manage. It’s almost like you are an extension of yourself that’s a wonderful feeling.

For me, it’s all about less. I am grateful for the fact that I don’t have to carry anything in my hands and be able to focus on carving the most soul-fulfilling shapes.

Baller Phone App

Onewheel has poured a lot of money into the development of the baller iPhone and Android App. You can dim your headlights as well as check the miles, earn badges and participate on leaderboards. It’s by far the most amazing electric riding application I’ve ever used.

Also, if the appearance of a refined phone application is important for you, then the Onewheel comes with that lock.

High above the ground

Since Onewheel utilizes tires, it sits significantly higher above the ground than other electric skateboards. While this is beneficial to clear the ground, however, it’s also a lengthy fall toward the floor.

Electric Skateboard

In the next post, I’ll share my thoughts about electric skateboards.

Faster Speeds

The majority of electric skateboards reach their maximum speed at a greater velocity than the Onewheel. The Onewheel likely isn’t the right choice If you’re a fan of speed. However, I can claim that its top speed is quite fast. I was concerned about not being sufficiently speedy however, it’s fast enough to be fast enough for just only one wheel.

Stable Carving

As I mentioned in the section on ‘wobbly carving as I mentioned above, the Onewheel can be a bit shaky when carving deep. This is the reason I like riding my skateboards with electric motors on road. Four urethane wheels in contact with the pavement instead of one pneumatic tire provide an enjoyable and long-lasting carving.

Remote Control

As I mentioned in the section on “easy control having an additional piece of equipment to shred doesn’t sound like my idea of fun. I like the convenience of not carrying a remote in my hands when riding my Onewheel.