Oktoberfest Tents | Most Popular, Affordable, and Crowded

Oktoberfest is a celebration of German-style beer that takes place in September. The festival has been held annually since 1810 when Bavarian Crown Prince Ludwig married Princess Theresa von Sachsen-Hildburghausen. The festival is often called the Oktoberfest or Wiesn, which derives from the colloquial name for the fairgrounds where it takes place. 

Over 6 million people a year attend Oktoberfest. It’s a place to have fun and enjoy the beer and the band. But there are many tents you can choose from. You can enjoy 30 of them on the grounds or some of the major ones holding up to 10,000 people outside. 

If you are looking to attend Oktoberfest this year, here is detailed information regarding its famous tents. 

Famous Oktoberfest Tents This Year 

  1. Hofbrau Tent 

This is the wildest, most fun tent at Oktoberfest. It seats nearly 10,000 people and sells over 750,000 liters of beer during the festival. While some visitors drink too much here, the average level of energy and enthusiasm at any time of the week is unmatched. 

While the Hofbrau tent is known for being authentic and traditional, it has the smallest percentage of visitors wearing traditional Oktoberfest clothing such as Lederhosen and Dirndl.  Out of all the tents, only 70% of people at Hofbrau are dressed traditionally.  

  • Standing area only 

The Hofbräu tent has a central area where people can stand and drink beer or have food. On weekdays, you can get in the area if you arrive early enough to get a table or barstool. On weekends, people start lining up outside before dawn if they want to get inside.

  • Capacity of tent 

The total capacity of the tent is 9,992 people at a time. 

  1. Hacker Pschorr Tent 

The Hacker-Pschorr tent, sponsored by the famous Hacker-Pschorr Brewery, is one of the largest tents at Oktoberfest and is hugely popular with locals and international visitors alike. Opened in 1907, this festive tent has been drawing crowds for years with its lively atmosphere and Bavarian cheer. If you’re sick of the crowded Hofbrau tent but still want to party, consider visiting the nearby Hacker tent instead!

The Hacker-Pschorr Tent is known for its delicious beer and live music. The blue ceiling and walls are painted with a mural depicting happy Munich citizens and a beautiful blue sky.

  • Night Experience 

The Hacker Tent’s closing ceremony is the best part of Oktoberfest. As 6900 sparklers light up the tent and a band plays the Sierra Madre, it’s hard not to feel shivers down your spine!

  • Capacity 

It has a capacity of 9,300 visitors. 

  1. Schutzen Tent (Shooters Tent) 

The Schützen beer tent is one of the most popular at Oktoberfest because it feels authentic. Located just off the main drag, this tent was established in 1926, serves Lowenbrau Beer, and hosts nightly afterparties sponsored by the brewery. The name Schützen means “shooters,” coming from a tradition of shooting competitions once held during Oktoberfest.

Schützen is a tent that attracts celebrities and the young at heart. It serves the best beer, hosts top-notch musicians, and features video clips on its website that show what Oktoberfest is all about.

  • Capacity 

It has a capacity of 6,500 people. 

  1. Kafers Tavern Oktoberfest Tent 

Käfer’s Tavern is one of the coolest tents at Oktoberfest. It’s designed as an old weathered tavern, with a fantastic atmosphere and a very friendly and laid back vibe. Because of this, it’s not usually crowded, but it does get very busy in the evenings. This is not for the faint-hearted though, as it gets so full that you can dance on tables and jump around holding pint glasses!

To keep the atmosphere exclusive, Kafer’s Oktoberfest Tent has fewer indoor tables than other tents. They try to let in only those who know someone or have a local surname. If you arrive late, your only options will be two-person romantic tables beneath the stairs. 

  • Capacity 

It has a capacity of 3,264 people. 

  1. Schottenhamel Tent 

The Spaten tent at Oktoberfest was founded in 1867 and is the second largest and oldest running tent at the festival. It started out as a small wooden barn behind the king’s royal box, but now its seating area holds 10,000 people and its outdoor space has room for another 10,000. It is popular with Munich’s under-21 crowd. Behind Schottenhamel tent, police, medical personnel and Lost & Found staff are in charge of security. 

  • Capacity

It has a capacity of 9028 people. 

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