Odds Of Winning Your Workers Compensation Case

You suffered an injury at work that requires you to file a worker’s comp claim, but you are worried about your employer contesting the claim, or the extent to which the worker’s comp claim may go. You may be wondering what you might do to win the claim you filed, so today at takemycounsel.com, you will learn some tips to improve your odds of winning your worker’s comp case. If you are searching for an easy answer, it will be interesting for you to know that about seven percent of every worker’s comp case gets denied, while five percent of every worker’s comp claim makes it to trial.

A lot of worker’s comp cases get settled out of court, but winning a worker’s comp case depends on the full amount your injury’s worth. The full amount your injury is worth will cover all of your medical expenses, present and future, and also the total income you have lost for being absent from work. After sustaining an injury at work, the first thing you must do is report your injury by putting it into writing. It will be important for you to document the nature of your injury and what caused it.

It will be great for you to get witness statements from colleagues that witnessed the injury happen, and it will also be great if you do not make statements that will be used against you as the case goes on. You should avoid making statements like “this has happened to me before” because it might come back to haunt you during the legal process. Do not take our advice for something else, and we do not mean you should over-exaggerate your injuries and what happened. We mean that when making your statement, say as little as possible.

Odds Of Winning Your Workers Compensation Case

Every employee who suffers an injury at work is entitled to a worker’s comp benefit, but the only problem is the more serious the injury is, the more likely it is for an employer to battle the claim filed against him. Winning a worker’s comp claim will fall down to the ability of the injured worker to fight for what he deserves.

The second thing you have to do is meet with your doctor right away because any further delay might look bad for you. One more thing you must do is allowing your doctor to handle your statements, and delaying from connecting with your doctor makes it difficult to link your medical problems to the injury you sustained at your workplace. Take for example you suffer from a chronic back condition, but it doesn’t mean you won’t get a worker’s compensation benefits despite aggravating the bad condition at work. However, it also doesn’t mean that delaying treatment will be difficult for doctors to connect your injury at work with the bad back conditions you have.

The next step for you to take is taking whatever advice your doctor gives you. You should not disobey if your doctor advises you to go for therapy, and if you fail to do what the doctor advises, it might compromise your opportunity to get a worker’s compensation benefit that might cover your medical expenses and loss of income. When reporting back to your employer, one thing you should do is to remain honest. However, the best way to stay honest is to allow your medical record to speak for itself.

Furthermore, hiring a good worker’s comp lawyer is your best chance of winning a worker’s comp case, and trust me when I say your odds of winning your worker’s compensation case lie in the hands of a qualified worker’s comp lawyer. There are lots of aspects in the field of law, and only a skilled lawyer will be able to help you recover all you have lost while tending to the injury you sustained at work. What you will get from your worker’s comp case should be able to cover for loss of income at work and medical expenses for the present and future.

Finally, the last thing you need to do to win a worker’s compensation case is to stay calm. You need to stay calm and reassure yourself that everything will go down fine. The truth is the odds are already in your favour, and if you follow every step we have talked about in this guide, you will certainly get the settlement that you deserve.

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