Nicholas C Nelson Discusses How to Use Pesticides and Fertilizers Without Harming the Environment 

Nicholas C Nelson recently discussed how to use fertilizers and pesticides without harming the environment.

Landscape experts like Nicholas C Nelson and his team at Guaranteed Pest Control & Fertilization know that eco-friendly lawn care is possible. Nelson recently discussed how Floridians can use fertilizers and pesticides without harming the environment.

The Four R’s

Nelson mentioned there are four critical rules to follow when applying fertilizer this summer.

The Right Fertilizer

The first “R” involves using the best fertilizer for the crop’s needs. Nelson explained there are numerous types of fertilizer, and the key is to give the soil the right amount of essential nutrients it needs. This likely involves taking a soil sample to learn more about what a specific lawn needs.

The Right Time

A significant factor in the effectiveness of fertilizer use is applying the nutrients exactly when the lawn needs them most. Experts like Nicholas C Nelson and his crew at Guaranteed Pest Control & Fertilization help homeowners understand their soil type and the best time to fertilize it.

The Right Amount

Use the correct amount of fertilizer for the lawn based on the test results found by the lawn care company. Using the right amount means the fertilizer properly absorbs into the soil and does not enter waterways via runoff.

The Right Location

Floridians must spread fertilizer correctly to receive maximum benefits. Different soil types and root systems require varying fertilizer applications. A qualified pest control and fertilizer company can help you understand where and how to apply certain fertilizers safely.

Reducing Pesticide Use

Nicholas C Nelson and his team are masters of using pesticides sparingly to create the same effective results. Nelson emphasized the importance of using a long-term approach to pest reduction, including adjusting the habitat, biological control, and changing cultural practices. For many Florida homeowners, this means forgetting pesticide and lawn care trends passed down for generations.

Nelson explained that a healthy lawn is not easily affected by pests; therefore, it requires fewer pesticides. He offered a few essential tips for improving lawn health and reducing the need for pesticides:

  • Aerate the soil so oxygen, water, and nutrients can easily access it.
  • Remove the layer of dead matter that accumulates between the grass blades and the soil’s surface.
  • Remove any plant debris that can cause pest infestation, including twigs, leaves, and more.

Nicholas C Nelson Expert on Fertilizer and Pest Control

Nicholas Nelson started and currently owns Guaranteed Pest Control & Fertilization. He and his team have extensive knowledge of how to properly use fertilizers and pesticides without causing harm to the environment. He always recommends working with an environmentally-friendly lawn care company to help reach lawn care goals.


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