What Is the New Zealand Visitor Visa? A visitor visa allows eligible travelers to come visit New Zealand for tourism-related purposes as outlined below.

What you can achieve with the New Zealand Visa  Visitor:

Tourist Activities. Enjoy sports or cultural events during a tourist activity trip.

Visit family and friends regularly; study for no longer than 3 months at once;

Get married (some additional conditions may apply).

What you cannot do with a New Zealand Visa For Visitor:

Work or do business activities which require payment. In that instance, apply for a Work Visa or Business Visa through New Zealand government immediately! Don’t wait, make an application now!

Australian and U.S. nationals who do not require visas should instead obtain the New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority (ETA), an electronic document available online with us.

Application Documents Needed Online for New Zealand Entry Visa

In order to apply online for a Visitor Visa of New Zealand, the following documents and information is necessary:

Application Photo: Not having one? Don’t stress; use our convenient digital photo service from home to get one that meets all government standards affordably! Our affordable service allows for your convenience in meeting these requirements!

Please provide a photocopy/scan of your valid passport, along with proof of residency if your current location differs from where your passport was issued.

As proof that you are an authentic tourist, prepare a travel itinerary including hotel reservation confirmation and return tickets back home.

Provide evidence of sufficient funds for all expenses during and post trip travel – such as bank statements, credit card bills, term deposits or loan statements.

Australian Visa (if Required): Only required if planning on traveling to Australia during or following your stay in New Zealand.

Proof of Good Health (if Applicable): Some travelers must present evidence of good health through chest x-ray or medical exam as proof. Click here to read more.

Police certificates may form part of your character requirements when living and working in New Zealand for more than 24 months.

Are you confident you meet all requirements? Apply now!

How to apply online for the New Zealand Visitor Visa: Just three steps

Step 1: Fill out our simple visa application form with all your personal and travel details, which we will double-check to ensure compliance with government standards. Step 2: Our experts will carefully check and approve it to be government compliant.

Step 2: Pay the government fees and processing fee with credit/debit cards or PayPal.

Step 3: After making payment, an iVisa Expert will send a comprehensive PDF guide with everything needed for you to gather all necessary documents, where to drop them off, how to schedule medical examination/biometric testing appointments as needed and much more.

Your documents and biometric information must typically be submitted at a Visa Application Center (VAC), but don’t worry; our team is here to guide you from start to finish! We promise!

Apply Now with iVisa’s guidance iVisa

Benefits of Applying for a New Zealand Visitor Visa through iVisa

Our team of iVisa Experts will ensure all information provided meets all government regulations in New Zealand.

Your own dedicated iVisa Expert: For maximum convenience during the online application process and to provide assistance when needed. Your own dedicated iVisa Expert can guide and advise throughout this step-by-step application, answering any queries that arise along the way.

Simplification: Applying for visas can be daunting and time consuming, which is why at iVisa we only include questions relevant to each form and make them up to 50% shorter than usual.

Fill it in at your own pace: Save and update as you go; come back whenever needed to complete.

Step-by-Step Guide: Apply with us and receive a PDF manual featuring helpful hints to navigate any difficult sections, and step-by-step guidance that’ll get your Visitor Visa without issue.

At iVisa, we take security very seriously: Our robust system protects both personal and financial details of all of our users.

Apply now with iVisa!

Costs and Processing Time for New Zealand Visitor Visa

Processing fees may differ based upon your nationality.

Make use of our Visa Checker Tool to quickly obtain an estimate for both government fees and iVisa processing fees, simply by entering in your nationality as listed in your passport and following through with application steps.

As New Zealand Visitor Visa applications usually take 48 days (in 90% of cases), we suggest applying at least two months ahead. For best results.

Keep in mind that with us, an iVisa Expert will do all the legwork on your behalf – leaving you free from stressful visa applications so you can focus on planning your journey!

Apply Now without Hassle!Teatrul Do I Require A Transit Visa To Transit Through New Zealand? No visa (transit or otherwise) is necessary if:

Are from one of the countries eligible to apply without needing visas – see section on Who Can Apply’ for more info.

Are You from a Transit Visa-Waiver Country?

Are You an Australian Citizen?

Have an Australian visa and are transiting in order to fly there.

Here is some additional information that visitors to New Zealand might find beneficial before their journey begins.

Differentiation Between New Zealand Visitor Visa and ETA

Although different nationalities qualify for either type of Visa, there are other key distinctions.

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