MURF.AI REVIEW – Best Text to Speech, The Pros, And The Cons

If you’ve ever required voiceovers that seem believable and human like, but were instead generated by a machine, then an AI voiceover tool like Murf AI is just what you need. is an AI-powered text-to-speech converter that was intended to make voiceovers easier to produce.

 It revolutionizes the voiceover production process by reducing the time and effort required to get natural, polished results.

In this Murf review, I will discuss its functionality, the kind of businesses that would benefit most from using it, its drawbacks, and my final verdict on whether or not you should invest in it.

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What is Murf AI?

Murf.AI is a piece of text-to-speech software that may be used to convert written text into audio

It has advanced voice manipulation options including cloning and altering voices, as well as a large collection of voices to choose from.

Users may utilize the platform to make films, commercials, and podcasts using voiceovers. Because of this, it may serve a wide range of objectives and demographics.

Why Use Murf AI Text-to-Speech Software?

Voice-overs for videos used to cost hundreds of dollars, but those days are long gone. 

When compared to previous iterations of text-to-voice technologies, stands out for the convincing human-like tone it generates. is a comprehensive solution for voiceover production that can help you save time, money, and effort.

Murf Ai Features

Ease of use

Murf Studio’s intuitive interface and built-in tools make it easy to record and refine voiceovers. 

It guarantees that even individuals who are unfamiliar with the Platform or who need to improve their knowledge or abilities can benefit from using it.

Murf’s AI voice generator

More than 120 natural-sounding AI voices in 20 languages are at your disposal with Murf’s AI.

 As a result of this variety, the voices should resonate with listeners of all ages throughout the world.

Text-based audio editor 

It’s fantastic that Murf can take commands both verbally and by text. That means you may add a text or audio file and have it automatically translated into whatever voice you want.

This simple yet powerful text-based audio editor is a favorite among editors and voiceover artists alike, and it can also be used to edit recorded voiceovers. 

AI Voice changer 

Using artificial intelligence, Murf can help you make your voiceover sound more polished and professional. 

Additionally, this program provides a wide variety of voice-altering choices from which you may pick. 

The artificial intelligence powering Murf employs natural language processing and machine learning to create custom voiceovers.

High-Class AI voice library 

The platform also offers high-quality library voices you can use in your videos. Any voice you could need, in every language and accent imaginable, is included in your membership, and there are hundreds of them.

In addition to the African American AI voices and others, the Murf team is creating new voices and other dialects. 

After researching several different text-to-speech solutions, I’ve concluded that only Murf AI provides African American synthetic voices.

Team collaboration

Because of its team-oriented features, this program may be used by groups of people working together from all over the world to record voiceovers.

 With the Enterprise Plan, you may record narrations for eLearning courses in bulk and produce professional-quality voices for your characters.

Who uses

In addition to its obvious use by L&D professionals, authors, podcasters, teachers, animators, product developers, and corporate trainers will also benefit greatly from this do-it-yourself voice-over creation tool.

 If you’re looking to do voice-overs on the cheap, this is the ideal platform for you. 

Murf AI pricing plans

Although Murf.AI has a free plan, it doesn’t offer much. All voices are accessible to you, but transcription and voice generation is limited to 10 minutes each. 

Additionally, none of the voices you make may be downloaded. 

You may sign up for one of the following plans to get additional features:

  • Basic plan: $13/month; 24 hours of voice creation annually; 60+ voices
  • Pro plan: $26/month; 120+ voices; 96 hours of voice creation annually
  • Enterprise plan: $167/month; limitless voice production; bespoke voices

Don’t Pay Yet; Claim 10 Minutes of Free AI Voice-Over Now! Pros & Cons Pros

  • Different speaking voices
  • The capacity to switch voices
  • Exact synchronization
  • Integration with Google slides
  • Secure and robust data protection Cons

Restricted free plan

Step to Create Voiceover With Murf AI 

Step #1: Choose a voice 

The first, and most important step is picking the correct voice for the audio, which may vary depending on the script and the intended listeners.

Step #2: Enter the voice-over script

The Studio is the place to begin when using a text-to-speech-based voice creator. 

You may begin composing your scripts and gain an understanding of their tone.

Step three: Build audio, test, edit, download, and share

When you’re done making adjustments to your script, click the “Build Audio” button to immediately hear your voiceover. FAQ

Is MURF free for YouTubers?

Yes. The functions of the AI content generator Murf AI are available in a free plan that YouTubers may try before committing to a subscription plan.

Is the best voice to text?

Yes. Murf’s artificial intelligence voices are among the best in the industry.

Is among the most trusted voice changers?

Yes. A full set of tools for making videos with voiceovers is included.

Is the most realistic TTS voice?

Yes. All of the tool’s blogs are collected in one place, where you may access them to learn everything there is to know about it and stay current.

Is Murf TTS safe and get YouTube monetization?

Yes. There’s an incredible library of voices that seem natural that the YouTube algorithm won’t pick up on, and definitely get into YouTube AdSense Program and you can modify and personalize the settings to your heart’s content.


Aside from being one of the most efficient and affordable tools, Murf is also one of the most fun to work with because it is packed with useful features.

Instead of submitting scripts to voice-over firms or freelancers and waiting for hours or days for voice-overs, you can generate professional-quality voice-overs in minutes using this software.  This makes it worth investing in.

If you’re on the fence about whether or not is right for you, click right here to start today for free.