Moving From Working at Home to Working Remotely Abroad

The last few years of COVID has reimagined the typical work environment for many people around the world. From a loud, business office, to a quiet sanctuary in many homes, many have worked entirely at home at their current, or even new job since the beginning of 2020.

With the world opening up and societal acceptance of working from home, considerations of working in other places in the world have become popular trends, so much that places like Dubai, Norway, and dozens of other countries have all started offering digital-nomad-like visas if you have a remote-only job that can pay for your living expenses!

This article will go over some of the strategies to best work remotely once you’ve landed in the country and have settled with your accommodation. Take a read and make note of them as you prepare for your epic move in whatever country you decide to live in while working!

What Are Some Tips for Working Remotely in a Different Country?

Figure out Your Internet and Connectivity Options

Internet connectivity between countries could be of varying levels of quality and navigating on how to set up a mobile plan or internet connection to your devices may be a pain. Ensure you’ve done your research on internet providers – mobile plans are relatively easier to purchase once you’re on the ground.

For those renting an accommodation where they’ll be staying for a longer duration, finding internet providers will require much more work.

Regardless, there are many options including hot spotting from your phone to your laptop, purchasing mobile WiFi’s or even using WiFi at places like your accommodation (if you stay at a hostel or a library). This is one area where you do not want to cheap out, especially with data limits. Having a stable and reliable internet connection makes all the difference.

The internet is one key thing that allows you to communicate with your company and loved ones back at home. Ensure you have done your research and know what options you have before you leave home.

Learn What Environment Suits You Best Then Find it Immediately

With years of working from home under your belt, you’ve most likely experimented in different working environments that suit you the best. Do you prefer to be housed in your own room with no distractions or do you prefer public places like coffee shops or libraries?

Whatever it is that you find works for you, consider mimicking it while you’re abroad. While it is key to explore and meet new people while you’re working remotely, the number of distractions are most likely much higher since you are in a new environment.

This is even worse for those who love to explore and travel – they may be more focused on exploring where they are rather than working. Ensure the work environment is best for you so you continue to produce excellent work at your company and then have the freedom afterwards to go out and explore!

Minimize Your Setup that Works Just for You

Those working remotely in a different country are likely to be traveling or exploring new parts of the world. Because of this, you are more likely to be moving around. Figure out how you can minimize your current setup so that it doesn’t over encumber you as you move around.

Most people work with multiple monitors at home and most likely, you will be only working out of your single laptop screen. Consider training yourself to be able to work on a single screen with keyboard shortcuts.

If your screen is too small, consider investing into fresh new devices like a laptop that is light for easy portability with a larger screen. Most major laptop manufacturers have their own lines of laptops made for those on the move.

Other essential items also include a headset with microphone capabilities so that you may continue to conduct conference calls no matter where you are. If your laptop has a trackpad and keyboard that isn’t suited for efficient remote work, then bringing a mouse and keyboard best suited for you isn’t a bad choice as well.

Don’t Forget to Socialize and Explore While Managing Time Zones

While we suggested you always produce the best work possible with your employer earlier, this does not mean work comes first. Do not forget to go out and simply have fun.

Conduct prior research on places where you can meet other people as well as attractions that fit your preferences. This could mean working in hostels to meet like-minded people to socialize with after work, or certain locations like bars where you can meet new people.

If you are required to work in awkward time zones due to where most of your coworkers are, like for a US-based company while living in Germany, then work with your team on communicating the hours you will work. 

Perhaps you could work early in the morning hours on independent work when no one is awake, take a longer lunch break for several hours to explore and eat, and then return late afternoon when your coworkers in the US are awake. Finally, finish work late at night allowing you to go out and socialize.

Companies that allow for remote work, especially in foreign countries, are usually much more open to having flexible hours.


With COVID slowly becoming old news as the world begins to open, the opportunities to work remotely have vastly increased over the past few months.

Companies are now more than ever, open to hiring qualified candidates remotely. Companies that allow for remote work, especially in foreign countries, are usually much more open to having flexible hours. If you were approved, chances are your team is more than flexible enough to set hours that work best for you.

With some proper planning and open communication, you’ll be ensured to have a great time while working and exploring new places across the globe!