Most Common Misconceptions regarding Cookie Boxes’ Production!

Cookie boxes are very famous in the food business to package baked cookies. They are manufactured in many customized shapes and dimensions. Sturdy fluted cardboard, bux board, and kraft stock are the most used materials to manufacture them. They are made visually appealing by using various customization options. Their default customization options are die-cutting, embossing, gluing, scoring, and perforations. Custom window cut-out, gold/silver foiling, and raised inks are also some further personalization options. Printing is made more effective by making colors deep and prominent using CMYK color schemes and Pantone models. Several finishing materials are also applied to them for lamination and coating.

Gloss, matte, spot UV, matte UV, and aqueous coating are the most used materials in this regard. Cookie boxes are very famous because of their effectiveness; however, there are some misconceptions that are linked with them for years. These boxes are also evolved from the years of development and changing trends in the packaging industry. They have proved all the negative attributes associated with them just misconceptions with benefitting brands in many ways. Here are all those misconceptions linked to them and how they have opposed them. 

Expensive Packaging

The most common misconception regarding custom cookie boxes wholesale is that they are high in prices and consume a lot of budgets that brands have saved for their development. However, it could be said in the past when there were no alternatives to the materials by which they were manufactured. Now there is a wide variety of materials available that are very cheap in price compared to earlier materials. These materials are taken locally that is free of all taxes and other transportation expenses, which manufacturers bear earlier. Nowadays, there are some more efficient and cost-effective materials available. Some of them are corrugated cardboard material, bux board, and kraft paper. Many businesses are benefitting from these cheap materials and are saving a lot of costs.

Less Eco-Friendly

Saying that custom cookie boxes in USAare not that eco-friendly would be an unfair statement. They actually have replaced all those materials which were harming surroundings and human health by creating massive land pollution. Only those materials are not eco-friendly, which are a mixture of plastic and other toxic chemicals. Such materials leave high carbon footprints in the atmosphere during the manufacturing process. While talking about these boxes, they are manufactured with biodegradable materials, which are quite easy to get decomposed after their primary use.

These materials consist of organic substances and have no side effects on both environment and human health. Instead, they have become quite popular in the last some years because of their environment-friendly nature. So, we can say that this misconception is completely vague.

Less Customizable

Some people still think that custom printed cookie boxes made of cardboard material are still less customizable. But their latest product designs are proving all these people wrong. Using the latest available technology, they are being manufactured in various designs that involve a lot of customization. These customization options are increasing product aesthetics in a creative way. Options like custom window cut-out are providing an opportunity for brands to show their original products inside the packaging to attract customers. This factor is helping them a lot to make a purchase decision of buyers easy and quick.

Various add-on options also contribute to increased product aesthetics. All such creative personalization options increase the worth of brands in the market. In a short time, they reach the heights of success. 

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No Reusability

This misconception can be negated after contacting the best cookie packaging manufacturer. Nowadays, creative manufacturers are utilizing reusability at a massive level. They add several hidden scorings and creases by which packaging is transformed into more useful shapes. After serving the primary purpose, these boxes are then reused for other purposes at home. Most people place homemade cookies in them to preserve for longer durations. They also take them along travels and for picnics.

Negating the misconception of less reusability, this packaging has become a growing trend in food businesses. Retailers love to present such attractive packaging at the most prominent place of the retail stores. Considering all these elements, we can conclude that this is a wrong misconception.

Less Protective Materials

Some people think that the cardboard material and kraft stock does not provide that much safety to cookies. This misconception has taken place because of their reduced costs. But in fact, these cheap cookie boxes in USA are providing extreme protection to these food items. Fluted cardboard stock is quite handy to increase packaging strength. The packaging amount is increased according to the needs of products to make them safe and secure.

These protective materials have the capacity to hold increased weights and also secures products from all types of external harms, including humidity, dust particles, and other environmental conditions. In fact, their demand has been surged because of their protective nature. They are also proved a strong resistance barrier against jerks during shipping.

Not Suitable for Startups

It is a completely vague statement that they are not suitable for startup businesses. Cookie packaging is efficient for every type of brand, including startups and already established businesses. Their flat surface provides various marketing opportunities to establish a brand name. As this is more cost-effective, so those brands which are low on investment also utilize this opportunity. It gives massive support to the startups to make an impact in the food industry with this amazing packaging. Various modern trends that are incorporated in them have also made them more suitable for startups.

So, we have discussed all the misconceptions regarding custom boxes. It can be seen clearly by all these points that this packaging is up to the mark and is providing only positive benefits to the brands operating in the food industry. Over the years, they are evolved and now meeting all the needs of brands in this modern age.