Model H Hybrid Power Wheelchair – Detailed Review

Looking for the comfort of a motorized power wheelchair and the convenience of propelling it with your hands when needed? The Model H Hybrid Power wheelchair is your answer. Finding the right wheelchair for yourself can be challenging. Not only are there multiple options available in the market, but each is equipped with different features and capabilities, and finding all qualities in one is easier said than done.

That said, the Model H Hybrid Power wheelchair resolves all your queries. It is both a manual and electric wheelchair and is ideal for people that travel longer commutes and cannot rely on a single battery charge.

This article will review the Model H Hybrid Power wheelchair in detail and help you make an informed decision.

First Impression

The Model H Hybrid Power wheelchair is a sleek and modern-looking chair made with high-quality new materials. It is comparatively lighter than other wheelchairs available on the market and weighs only 39 lbs. It is easy to carry and store. Moreover, it requires no assembly; just take it out of the box and put it on charging, and it’s ready to be used.


The hybrid power wheelchair comprises lightweight steel aluminum but offers increased stability. It is of standard full-size wheelchair and is suitable for both outdoor and indoor spaces. It has an 18″ seat to floor height, 18″ x 16″ seat size, 6″ front-wheel size, 22″ rear wheels, and a turning radius of 31.5. As you can see, the rear wheels are 20 inches bigger than the front wheels, making it easier for users to propel themselves forward or backward without using much upper body strength.

The wheelchair is also airplane-approved. It can easily be folded and unfolded, making it easier to carry and store.


The Model H Hybrid Power wheelchair is equipped with multiple advanced features making it the only true hybrid power chair in the market. Basic standard features include a seat belt, anti-tippers, dual lithium-ion batteries, charger, and removable back and seat covers, making them easier to clean. It also has a remote control, cup holder, wide leg rests, and a push handle for caregivers.  

Moreover, you can customize the wheelchair according to your preferences. For instance, you can install different driving systems, such as a joystick, control panel, etc.

The hybrid power wheelchair also comes with a Bluetooth app. This app lets you control the speed and sensitivity and gives information regarding the battery power, the mileage, etc. You can also use the app as a remote control.

Weight and Motor Specs

The Model H Hybrid Power wheelchair has a weight capacity of 260 lbs and is ideal for children and adults. It has a top speed of 5 mph and is powered by a 24V battery with a driving range of 8 miles. It also has multiple safety features in place to ensure a safe ride, such as flat-free tires, an automatic anti-lock system, and safety horns.


According to our detailed review, the Model H Hybrid Power wheelchair is worth the price. Its manual and electric capabilities ensure you are not hopeless if the battery dies down or you cannot push the chair yourself. It can withstand adequate weight and is perfect for people of all ages.

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