Misha Panferov calls YouTube boxers “clowns”; says he will fight anyone in bare-knuckle

In a recent article to Disrupt Magazine, Misha Panferov brought up the topic of YouTube boxing and what it means for a younger generation. Misha discussed the exposure of YouTube Boxing and also critiqued the YouTube celebrities.
Panferov quoted: “I mean listen, if we’re being honest most of the YouTubers are clowns, besides like a couple. Any YouTuber any social media influencer can get these Russian hands on their face, I don’t really care about boxing or not. I definitely want to have a bareknuckle fight with anyone and anywhere.”
Besides critiquing all YouTube Boxers, Misha claimed that content creators getting in a ring is “actually a good thing” and that the younger generation will look up to them and possibly become future world champions.
“Maybe you have that one little kid who will watch people he looks up to and will pick that sport and become a world champion one day, you never know.” Panferov stated