Meeting with Julien Di Giusto: digital strategy consultant in Mulhouse

  • Julien Di Giusto: web and digital strategy consultant

Current times have many opportunities on the internet, and most companies are already investing in a new strategy to optimize their presence online. It is a vital necessity for any business, serving as an indispensable way for attracting customers, which is why there is a need for hiring experts in the field, experienced personnel like a Web Consultant, digital strategy consultant such as Julien Di Giusto, based in Mulhouse.

  • Help a company to attract clients


Web strategy is an investment that will help a company to attract clients and even personnel too. So is the case of starting businesses because new companies need help to attract people. The necessity of experienced experts is evident for both new and old companies, the old ones need to maintain their customers, and new ones need clients to know them.

In this way, the digital era has changed how some businesses interact with their customers, especially with the increasing influence of different social media. Social media can improve the relationship between your company and the people that need it. Using Real-Time Social Media Analytics experts can optimize the efficiency of the business’ marketing too.

Investing in Online Reputation Management is needed by big and small companies. This marketing strategy is the best method to make their name known by the highest possible clients’ amount available. As well, the process will increase the profit made. The more people seek your company’s service. The more people know, the higher the gain won.

  • Julien Di Giusto, Web Consultant

My name is Julien Di Giusto. I am an expert Web Consultant. My journey began in 2008, and I never stopped learning. As a Web Consultant, I am always learning about new trends and tricks available. The internet grows every day, and with it, new websites are appearing. After working so many years, I learn all the know-how to help your company.


I have all the tools needed to do the best work, be it for a new starting business or an old company searching to improve its presence on the web. My services as a Web Consultant will improve your marketing strategies helping your business attract more clients. Then, there will be more people seeking your company’s service, and you will get more profit.


Using Online Reputation Management, a digital strategy consultant helps to make your brand’s name known in the market. It results in a significant increase in the number of clients that choose your service. The more people know you, the more clients will look for you, and the more profit you will get. These strategies will help you focus your business’s effort on the possible clients too.


Every business has some different needs, and I am ready to attend to them all. The implementation of new strategies will focus your investment in the most efficient way. Also, these strategies will improve your relationship with the clients and make it closer. The result is that it made them prefer your business above the competitors in the market.

  • Full Digital services

As I said before, my expertise starts in 2008, which means that I have more than 12 years in this. Starting with Web design and expanding my skills in many different areas, I built my experience in all the necessary know-how to improve business marketing online. While designing a website, I can use the most efficient development.

Some of the services I offer are:

  • Web design

A website is usually the company’s first impression on the customers that see it the first time. This impression is often the most important in the client’s decision-making process. A website is like the company virtual representation, the looks matter. Of course, this is more than the colors used, but all the general aspects and information displayed.


Most people look at a company’s website because they want to know about it, the clients try to understand if your business can satisfy their current needs. It matters the way how the website displays its information and how easy to get it is. These factors can affect the client’s opinion and determine if they hire your business or not.


As an expert in Web design, I will take into consideration your business needs. Besides, this includes the characteristics of your company and the type of clients it is directed to. The result is a user-friendly website that can display the information most efficiently, as well as letting the clients feel comfortable with your business.


Likewise, taking into consideration your customer needs is an important aspect that I care about. Thanks to my years of experience, I will be able to use every technique to make your website appealing; the customers searching for answers will satisfy their curiosity. That way, more people will seek your company and make business with you.

  • Online Reputation Management

The appearance of social media online became a big opportunity for businesses. Many people use social media platforms every day. In a sense, establishing an Online Reputation Management is a way to improve the opinion of society about your business. This will as well make your company more appealing to the targeted public.


Likewise, this type of management requires Real-Time Social Media Analytics to make sure that the strategy works. Studying the impact on the opinion of the clients and making the needed change to improve. Besides, the presence in social media opens communication channels with the customers and gives them more access to contact your business.


Using these channels you can also expand the influence of your business. The number of people that will know about your company will increase significantly. This way, your business will not be limited by geography. Likewise, it will open other opportunities to improve, just like using delivery in case your business is about selling some products.


Of course, these are just a few of all the services that I can provide you. My experience gives me all the necessary tools to improve your strategies as a whole. From Real-Time Social Media Analytics to applying SEO techniques, I have great expertise in all of them. My services and services from my webagency Mars zzzRouge will help your company to improve its developing.