Material handling equipment solutions for optimum competence

Despite the numerous difficulties the 3PL sector confronts, these problems may be resolved. In reality, a facility’s productivity and efficiency may be increased by only switching the storage techniques or material handling equipment in use. Providers can get more work out of the labour they already have and use their warehouse space more effectively with a facility that is more productive.

1. Quicker Picking with Wire Containers

The ideal choice is to place bigger inventory goods within bulk collapsible wire containers rather than leaving some little bits in cardboard boxes for choosing. When the containers are collapsed for storage, they take up very little room. They provide a more durable option to cardboard boxes. Additionally, the wire design makes it possible for workers to easily see what is in the bins.

Furthermore, vertically stacking wire mesh containers allows you to make better use of the available overhead storage space. These bins can hold up to 4,000 pounds each and can stack up to four units high. As a result, four stacks could contain up to 16,000 pounds of goods in a single unit’s floor area.

2. High-Powered Pallet Stackers to Scale New Heights

Your warehouse needs equipment that enables your employees to stack pallets that high securely if you wish to enhance vertical storage there. The big loads that your employees must transport about the plant, such as complete pallets of goods, may be controlled easier with full-power pallet stackers.

Additionally, because these stackers run on electricity rather than diesel, they are silent while in use, boosting safety and enabling employees to converse with one another in the workplace. Electric pallet stackers also don’t release any dangerous emissions.

Some full-power pallet stacker models have a lifting capacity of 2,200 pounds at a maximum height of 150 inches above the ground. By incorporating these stackers into your business, you can move loaded pallets more quickly and more effectively.

3. Utilising Stackable Pallets to Save Space

Depending on the seasonal demands of your site, your utilisation of space storage options may alter. As a result, you want to have some storage solutions that are compact while not in use. Plastic stackable pallets are one way to add more storage without taking up more room between uses. Using these pallets promotes space efficiency by keeping your facility organised and prepared for unexpected surges in storage demands.

4. Visual Aids for Productivity Improvement

Visual aids might serve as a reminder to employees of the 5S procedure if you wish to utilise it to maintain organisation and increase facility efficiency. Tool shadow tape and floor signage can both be used as visual aids for storage and maintain the equipment.

You may cut out designs from tool shadow tape to match cleaning materials and instruments. In order to act as a reminder of how to maintain your facility organised, add the tape where the equipment should go. Additionally, staff members may observe whether supplies are depleted or in use right away.

By outlining the areas of your building where employees or drivers are permitted to travel, floor signs improve safety. By streamlining traffic, these signs enhance the flow of people and vehicles through your facilities.

5. Pallet Racking and Decking to Improve Space Utilisation

Consider factors other than the warehouse’s two-dimensional floor area if you want to make the most of your available space. Think about the additional space that vertical storage may provide. You may store goods off the ground by using pallet racking and decking. Make the most of these storage options by putting slow-moving goods higher and fast-movers lower. You may lessen the labour your staff members must put into order retrieval by employing these options properly.