Marketing Professional Rachel D’Eletto discusses the hospitality World.

Rachel D’Eletto, a highly respected Marketing specialist is a Chicago native with an impressive level of knowledge regarding hospitality. “The amount of work and passion it takes to not only open a successful venue, but an immersive one is not an easy project. I have fond memories of going to a French restaurant in River North Chicago, called Brasserie JO when I was little. There would be live music on the weekends with people dancing. The General Manager was friends with my parents and would stop by and quiz my brother and I on our French. The food was simple but high quality. It was a memorable experience from beginning to end.”

Restaurants and clubs have persevered with the ever changing market. Nearly 163 million people, 64 percent of adults, spend on dining at least once a week, according to a recent ICSC survey. With an average weekly spend of $71, dining expenditure exceeds $602 billion a year.

D’Eletto has spent nearly a decade sharing her knowledge and building extraordinarily successful marketing plans for restaurateurs and club owners . “Chicago is my favorite food city. One minute you’re standing in the parking lot of Gene and Jude’s eating a hot dog, the next sipping a dirty martini at Maple and Ash. It has something for everyone, and if you ever want to get to know someone better ask them their top three food spots in the city.”

What does it take to be in the hospitality industry?

“A creative mindset and thick skin will get you far. It’s a highly competitive market with potential high return. Food and drinks are something that bring people together, which is the main focus. Appreciate your coworkers and team for what they each bring to the table. In this industry you only succeed through teamwork.”

Who is someone that inspires you in the hospitality field?

“My husband, Matt! He worked his way up the ladder to upper management level and we share the same sentiment about the service industry. Matt is a born leader and has exceptional guest relation skills. He genuinely cares about the people he works with and the guests that walk through the door, that mentality is a win-win for both parties. He is quick to find a solution and his salesmanship abilities are astounding. On our days off we go have dinner at different restaurants in the city to show our support and appreciation.” My Instagram is