Making Runescape Gold with Frost Dragons and Lava Strike Worms Guides

Welcome to the world of RuneScape, where you can embark on countless adventures, explore new lands, and battle fierce creatures. One of the biggest challenges in RuneScape is making enough gold to fund your adventures and improve your gear. In this guide, we will discuss two lower-level monsters in Runescape that can be used to make a significant amount of RS gold with little effort and few requirements.

Frost Dragon
Frost Dragon Bones are currently worth about 27,000 gold coins each and can be killed quickly using methods such as grey to the chain. To kill them, you will need level 85 Dungeoneering and Super Antifire, which can be purchased on the Grand Exchange. Frost Dragons have a special attack that reflects damage dealt to them back to the player, but this is rarely used due to their fast kill times. To get to the Frost Dragon Dungeon, you can use a Dungeoneering Cape or teleport to Port Sarim and run there.

To increase the amount of gold you can make from killing Frost Dragons, you can use the Bone Crusher upgrade to have bones picked up and added to your inventory, as well as the Death Note Relic to automatically note bones that are picked up by the Bone Crusher upgrade. The Death Note Relic has a high requirement of 108 Archaeology but is worth using as it allows you to focus solely on killing the dragons, increasing the amount of gold you can make. Without the Death Note Relic, you can make about 19.5 to 20 million gold per hour, but with it, you can make around 21 to 22 million gold per hour.

Lava Strike Worm
Which can be killed for its ashes. To kill them, you will need 94 Slayer and good combat gear. Lava Strike Worms are found in the Wilderness, so it is important to opt out of PvP before entering the area. Killing Lava Strike Worms can be an effective way to earn gold, and they can drop other items such as Lava Scale Shards, which can be sold for a decent amount of gold.

In conclusion, Frost Dragons and Lava Strike Worms are two lower-level monsters that can be killed for a significant amount of gold in Runescape. By using certain upgrades and relics, you can increase the amount of gold you can make per hour, making these monsters an excellent way to earn gold with little effort and few requirements.


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