Make MyTEAM Points With NBA 2K23’s All-Star Weekend Rewards

If you’re looking for a way to make MyTeam points in NBA 2K23, then you’re in luck. During the recent All-Star Weekend, you have brought plenty of rewards you can use to earn MT coins. One of the rewards dropped includes Galaxy Opal Walker Kessler, Galaxy Opal Jose Alvarado, Galaxy Opal Mac McClung, and Galaxy Opal Buddy Heels.

Making MyTEAM Points From NBA 2K23 Cards

The prices of these cards vary, but you can make a decent amount of coins off them if you play your cards right. For instance, a Galaxy Opal Walker Kessler goes for around 7K MT and a Galaxy Opal Jose Alvarado for about 3K MT. You can also make coins off of the Diamonds and Pink Diamonds. Depending on the card, a Diamond can go up to 8K coins, and a Pink Diamond can go up to 10K coins.

How to make a profit by sniping pink diamonds in trading cards?

You can also snipe cards at a lower price and then sell them back for a higher price. A reasonable buyout for Pink Diamonds is about 5-6K coins higher than they usually go for. For example, you can buy a Pink Diamond for 10K coins and then sell it for 15K.

Maximize your profit during galaxy opal all-star weekends with filtering

You can check out Galaxy Opal All-Star Weekends Enabled to make an even bigger profit. This filter lets you see cards like Jason Tatum and Kevin Durant, and you can snipe them at a lower price. For instance, a Galaxy Opal Kevin Durant is currently going for around 100K MT, while a Galaxy Opal Joel Embiid is going for less than 100K MT coins.


If you want to make MyTeam Points in NBA 2K23, you should check out the All-Star Weekend rewards. Whether you want to buy cards at a lower price and sell them back for a higher price or snipe cards from the Galaxy Opal All-Star Weekends Enabled filter, you can make some coins in the process.


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