Major Sports Events That Are Set to Resume and How You Can Watch Them Online

The Covid-19 has tremendously affected all events around the globe; due to the fear brought by this pandemic, live events like Sports have temporarily stopped. 

However, since vaccines are already made available, slowly sporting events are starting to go back to normal with fewer restrictions.

Some of these events will resume and will be available for online viewing. In this article, we will help you to watch your much-awaited sports events online.  

Make sure to continue reading to know what events will soon be back on live viewing.

Platforms to watch major sports events online

Here are some popular Sports Channels you can access online to stream upcoming sports events:

Fox Sports

Fox Sports’ online channel has been around since 2013, and this channel was created by FOX as an additional channel for sports lovers. Fox Sports made it possible for its viewers to stream live sports events online even if they are away from their homes.

Sky Sports

This channel is considered one of the most go-to sports channels today. Sky Sports is a UK-based streaming channel that is only available to stream inside the UK, but you can stream Sky sports in USA using a VPN.


The ESPN online streaming platform allows you to watch live sports matches such as NBA, American baseball, NFL, and many more. This sports streaming platform has been created to allow viewers to enjoy their favorite sports online even when they are away from home.

Upcoming Major Sports Events

Here are the major sports events that are to return live this year.

Football – Bundesliga

Bundesliga football is one of the top major sports events in Europe. Most games are played during the weekends, and few matches take place during the weekdays. Bundesliga consists of 18 teams that compete annually for the title. 

Where to watch:

You can watch Bundesliga on ESPN+ and Hulu.

English Premier League

The good news for football fans out there is that the British Government has allowed the EPL to host live events. So, you can say goodbye to empty stadiums. Training sessions have already begun, but with proper social distancing for safety. Football fans in the UK and around the globe are indeed excited for this comeback.

Where to watch: 

Live events and matches will be available to stream on Sky Sports.

La Liga

The famous Spanish Football League will also soon return to normal. The government has allowed them to get back to training, but with strict health protocols. All players must wear masks and gloves, and they must sanitize first before starting their training.

Where to watch:

You can watch live matches on beIN Sports.

Serie A

Italy is no doubt one of the most severely affected countries by the Covid-19. Due to that reason, the Italian Football Federation has canceled all sporting events, including the Serie A. However, as we are already coping with this tragedy, Serie A is set to come back with live matches this year. 

Where to watch:

You can watch all live matches on Paramount+.


Cricket fans will be happy since live matches and tournaments will soon go back live. The ECB (England Cricket Board), PSL (Pakistan Super League), IPL (Indian Premier League) have released their statements to go back to live-action.

Where to watch:

You can live stream cricket matches of various leagues on ESPN+.


Let’s now look at some of the most frequently asked questions by sports fans out there. 

How to access a sports streaming channel if it is geo-restricted?

Most of these streaming platforms mentioned above are protected with geo-blocks, so it means you might not be able to view their live shows if you are in a restricted region. For example, ESPN+ is only available in the US only. But thanks to VPNs, you can unblock these restrictions, and stream your favorite sports events live from anywhere in the world. 

However, you should remember that not all VPNs are made for streaming, so make sure to choose the one that can actually unblock these streaming platforms for you. 

How does a VPN work?

With a VPN, you can connect to any country server you want to and unblock local sports channels. Let’s say you want to watch live EPL matches on Sky Sports, you can connect to a UK server and it will give you a British IP address. This way you can trick Sky Sports into thinking you are trying to stream it from somewhere within the UK, thus allowing you complete access to Sky Sports abroad. 

Not all VPNs have the capability of unblocking geo-restricted sports streaming platforms mentioned above. However, reliable VPNs such as ExpressVPN are equipped with advanced features that are capable of bypassing geo-restrictions.

Is VPN legal to use?

The use of VPN may go against the terms and conditions of some streaming platforms, but it is not illegal. So, even if a streaming service discovers you are using a VPN, the only thing they can do is block your access. However, the use of a VPN for accessing geo-restricted streaming services is perfectly legal. 


Thanks to the COVID-19 vaccines, the world is slowly going back to normal, and we will soon be able to watch our favorite sports live from the stadiums. However, if you still want to enjoy live streaming from the comfort of your home, there are plenty of sports channels that you can access using a VPN. With a virtual private network, you can watch any international sports event online from anywhere in the world.


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