Look after your Garage Floor

Often when it comes to making home improvement plans the garage floor is way down on the list, if it is there at all. But when you choose the right flooring it is not just about making it look great, it helps it last longer, takes spills and nicks and bangs and all the heavy equipment that goes on it. It is a place people store extra things, park cars, lawnmowers and so on. It is also often a place where they will keep their extra paint cans and oil and such. To prevent damage, oil leaks, and stains as well as choosing the right surface, you need to make sure it is sealed or has the right garage floor painting Brisbane experts might recommend.

Clean, prime and paint

It is most common for garage floors to be made from concrete. Not any paint can go on this surface and success requires the best choice in garage floor coatings Brisbane. Not just in the quality of paint but also in type too and then ensuring it is properly applied. There are three steps to the process, cleaning, then priming and painting.  First of all, everything in there needs to be removed so it can be properly and completely cleaned. You might think the painting is the most important part but in fact, how well the surface is cleaned is critical. Not doing a good job will lead to the paint not sticking to the surface.

After the floor is cleared off and then swept you need to use a pressure washer to clean it or hire professionals who can handle this part of the process for you. If the floor has been sealed before then that seal will need to be removed using a special acid. Again a professional garage floor professional can do this in a safe and successful manner. If you choose to do it yourself then that acid can be found in the same place you might get an epoxy floor kit and proper garage floor paint. Make sure the floor is completely dry before the primer is then applied.

Choosing the right paint type

The two types of paint that are worth using are either latex or epoxy. For easy garage floor painting Brisbane latex is the best option. Often you can apply it even without etching the floor first, just with a good clean. It is good at preventing mildew and mould but will need at least a couple of coats. Epoxy is more durable and also good at preventing mould and mildew. But it is harder to apply. As well as cleaning the etching is needed and it needs to be mixed properly.

Be safe if you are not hiring professionals

It is really a good idea to hire professionals in garage floor coatings Brisbane to get it done well and also because they have the equipment and know how to do it safely. If you do still opt to do it yourself make sure there is ventilation, that you wear gloves and safety glasses and that you follow the instructions exactly.