What is Level 7 Extended Diploma in Strategic Management and Leaderships?

Do You Want To Graduate With An MBA?

As a first step, this course is for you. By completing this PEARSON BTEC Level 7 Extended Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership (RQF), you can gain an MBA qualification within 6 – 12 months at most universities. In most UK and international universities, you can complete the MBA Top-up program within 6 – 12 months by enrolling in this course.

It has been designed to assist Senior Managers in translating strategy into effective performance, allowing them to focus on the requirements of implementing an organization’s strategy. Designed to enhance candidates’ high-level understanding of Strategic Management and Leadership in the workplace, this qualification reflects current best practices in Strategic Management and Leadership.

Pre-MBA – Pearson BTEC Level 7 Extended Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership (RQF) provides a comprehensive overview of the skills, knowledge, and qualities required for occupations within specific professions. 

Your Pre-MBA – PEARSON BTEC Level 7 Extended Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership (RQF) is an ideal platform for developing your leadership skills. It builds on the skills and knowledge already retained by the student and provides them with a deeper understanding of strategic management roles and responsibilities. The Pre-MBA – PEARSON BTEC Level 7 Extended Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership (RQF) builds on those skills and knowledge. By focusing on their specific qualifications and professional needs, we complete this process. It is intended for senior managers or those who aspire to achieve such a role.

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It is designed specifically for those working in the field of business administration who wish to gain a postgraduate extended diploma in strategic management and leadership. As a result, Level 7 gives you the ability to become a strategic manager by developing competence and key skills. As a result, you will gain valuable knowledge, skills, and attitudes that will make you more successful in the management sector. In addition, senior managers and directors can learn how to effectively implement organizational strategies. Of course, students will study strategic marketing and financial management. As you finish your assignment, you will become aware of the issues that relate to your work. As a result, you’ll learn how to apply theory, models, and tools to the actual workplace.

Strategic Management has the Following Objectives:

Leadership and strategic financial management skills are cultivated in authoritative managers through this course. Those who are capable of interpreting the organization’s strategy into an effective presentation. Further, this qualification enhances and magnifies the strategic understanding of students at the workplace. For mature students with academic or industrial backgrounds, Level 7 is an appropriate course.

The Strategic Management Process Has The Following Key Features:

  • A number of core units are shared by multiple sectors in the course content. Thus, providing students with the option of changing their specialized area of study.
  • The qualification allows employees to develop their professional skills.
  • Tutors can choose the assessment method that is most appropriate for their students with a flexible assessment method.

What Type of Assessment Will You Receive?

Strategic management is assessed through practical assignments. A further evaluation of all units of this qualification is conducted by the institute in order to achieve this. Specific learning conclusions are the basis for the course. Therefore, it is obligatory for students to demonstrate that they have met the learning outcomes provided by assessment criteria. As a result, students must provide evidence of achieving learning outcomes determined by assessment criteria. Strategic management at Level 7 requires this to be successful. The judgments of an assessor are also using to evaluate students after they have achieves valuation criteria. The assessor should also provide an audit trace that indicates the general level of achievement of the students.

All Assignments will Range From Formal Reports to Presentations to Practical Activities,

Each Unit Includes a Coursework Assignment, Which Includes:

  • A written report must be submits.
  • In the form of a display.
  • A PowerPoint presentation is also an option
  • Tasks that can be performs on the web.

Strategic Financial Management Progress:

It may lead to a larger qualification at the same level, such as an extended diploma, when completed. Getting an MBA program or getting a job might be an option for you.

The Highlights of the Course:

  • There is an upright progression from the Master’s level course of strategic management to the MBA level course of business administration.
  • A number of relevant learning activities will also be offers to students at Level 7. Thus, it will provide an opportunity for improving a variety of performance characteristics and techniques.
  • As well as improving organizational performance, strategic management promotes practical decision-making.
  • You will also have a better chance of being promotes if you achieve this valuable qualification.

How is it Different From the Competition?

The job-relevant focus of Level 7 is on both the development of applied skills and a theoretical framework. Its successful completion prepares students for a career as a strategic manager by equipping them with valuable skills and abilities. Additionally, it prepares learners to enter the workforce or pursue higher education, including an MBA (advanced stand-up).

Are There Any Candidates Who Should Apply?

An organization that operates at the strategic level will benefit from Level 7 strategic management. Furthermore, this applies to those about to take their first steps towards senior management. In order to prosper at a higher level, this qualification focuses on developing strategic leadership & management abilities.


There will be a Variety of Topics Covers by Students, Including:

The Following Three Modules are Mandatory:

  • Developing leadership and management skills
  • Strategic Management Professional Development
  •  A strategic approach to change management

The Following 6-10 Specialist Modules can be Selects From the List Below:

  • Managing human resources in a strategic manner.
  • Communication strategies for corporations.
  • A company’s culture should be develops.
  • Techniques and Principles for Managing Financial Resources.
  • Management of strategic marketing.
  • Planning a strategic course of action.
  • Management with a creative and innovative approach.
  • Strategic Management Research Methods.
  • Management and logistics of strategic supply chains.
  • Second Division in a Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, or Bachelor of Commerce degree.
  • An HND in business would be ideal, but any Higher National Diploma (HND) will do
  • An equivalent qualification may be substituting.

For admission to the strategic financial management program, you must be proficient in English. It is therefore common for IELTS 5.0 to be accepts as evidence of English language ability. All four components must be at least 4.5. You may not be accepts if your English language level does not meet our minimum requirements. A Pre-sessional English course is also available for students. As a result, Pearson English Centres are accredits to take this strategic management process

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