lego spiderman Minifigure?

One of the most common requests I’ve ever gotten in my LEGO fanbases is to do an arachnid series of Minifigures. So I thought I would just make a start of it, and we’ll have to see what happens.

About the Character:

Lego minifigure anyone?

Spider-Man is a famous superhero in the Marvel comics. He is the Spider-Man, and also the photographer of heroes in the comic world. Also known as Spider-Man 2.

He has the amazing Spider-Man suit, he can talk, and swing from building to building. He is also a vegan! A vegetarian, so he can be a vegetarian in LEGO, if he was a vegan in real life I wonder what kind of vegan he would be? He is also amazingly skilled at mimicking animals.

He has also appeared in many movies and in many video games.

What is his skin colour, face shape and hair colour?

Spider-Man’s skin colour is of the typical medium skin color. He is also medium height and is quite thin. He usually wears a black t-shirt and a black leather jacket, his black undershirt with a white Spider-Man on it.

On his face he has blue eyes and black hair. His hair style is slicked back, similar to a mohawk. He has a reddish-brown mohawk with a black beard. The white spider-man on his face is fake. In lego spider man minifigure would be quite short, and he would be quite round, but overall he’s a relatively normal-looking hero.

One notable trait of the Black Spiderman is that his skin has been burnt black. This is mainly because he doesn’t like his Spider-Man mask. This is very sad, because if you think about it, you just want to protect your eyes from the sun, but on his face he needs to wear a mask to cover his eyes.

Why do you think a Lego Spider-Man is a good idea?

This idea is obviously good, as it is the first Spider-Man minifigure you can get. Also, the concept behind it is interesting, as he is a vegan and a vegetarian. People don’t usually know what veganism is, so I think he would get some curiosity from his friends.

What would you like to do with the new minifigure?

The Black Spiderman seems like an interesting character. He is a surprising appearance and I believe the release of him will be a surprise for fans and collectors. He can also use his hands quite well, unlike a normal lego darth vader minifigure who uses the bricks for hands, and therefore, he can stretch his hands out and use his web gun at the same time!

What does he look like with a spidey-sleeve?

The Spider-Man skin colour is light, which is why I added a light skin to the Black Spiderman. This is not a stretch skin, just light brown. His gloves are a dark brown and his spider-gloves are a light brown.

What kind of lego minifigure are you working on?

The lego Spider-Man is a plastic lego minifigure, but we’ll have to see. If I am having enough interest from fans for it to be a successful series, I will look into creating more minifigures based on superheroes from Marvel and DC comics. However, I am more than open to people offering ideas for the minifigures that they would like to see.


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