Learning Experience Platforms—A Look At Its Emergence And Sustenance

The world is changing in leaps and bounds in terms of how it is adopting newer technology across all its domains. In terms of learning and training industries, there is an unparalleled growth that technology alone has fuelled.

Why Is The Need For Learning Platform Software So Pronounced?

Over the years, organizations have relied on learning management systems. However, with the training and learning requisites having changed over time, the need to shift to a high end learning experience platform software has become more pronounced. 

Since the learning needs of the current era are always more robust and diverse, the right learning experience software goes a big way in ensuring the overall experience quality among learners and trainees.

As part of ecosystems of learning, a learning experience platform or LXP stand based on environmental capability clubbed with unique experiences that can be delivered to a learner. The market for LXP alone is more than $350M in volume. It is also doubling each year. This is data as per Bersin (Deloitte) founder, Josh Bersin.

3 Reasons To Pick An LXP?

1.   An LXP is designed for creating personalized experiences in learning. It aids users discover the latest opportunities for learning.

2.   LXPs combine content from hundreds of sources and can curate unique experiences with the help of artificial intelligence or AI, across several digital touch points.

3.   Moreover, these platforms help leveraging digital tech that is innovative for harnessing wealth of digital assets in learning.

Naturally when you make data your focus for any enterprise’s development and learning, you get a platform that helps companies manage digital disruption across workforces.

Looking Into LXPs Up Close

LXPs might include aids or tools and tech that can create and administer personalized environments. However, these platforms focus on going way beyond this.

There is a distinct openness in the architecture of an LXP. This signifies that the capacities of such a platform comes with great flexibility and offers support that integrates corporate tools with third party systems. These combine to fuel growth of learning ecosystems further.

How Far Does An LXP Go?

LXPs have the ability to take traditional models in training a notch higher. It doesn’t simply act as a repository or curator. It ends up becoming the spine for learning technology in the corporate field. This results in delivery of a learning experience that is-

1.   Deeply personalized

2.   Comprehensive

3.   Holistic

Why have LXPs Caught On Big Time?

Well, the main factors that fuelled the emergence of such platforms as part of learning setups is a realization that a business will have to improvise its services and offerings for offering a new-age experience to customers. There is huge demand for personalized content instead of just run-on-mill stuff that could satisfy takers a few years back.

Summing Up

LXPS are gradually setting newer standards in the domain of learning and training. Some of these include-

·         Capturing of data from an array of sources

·         Tracking of learners’ activity using simulations or VR session

·         Tracking employee learning

·         Assessment of learner absorption

With such a slew of advantages it is natural that you can actually get to the root of understanding the effectiveness of your training guides. Such platforms also help you understand what works best and if it is sensible to invest in something you might have originally intended.


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