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 If you are looking for advocates in Lahore or E lawyers online in Lahore you may contact Jamila Law Associates.  Our Lawyer in Lahore & Lawyer in Lahore Pakistan is here for free advice and Consultancy. The Services of Our Lawyers in Lahore & lawyers in Lahore Pakistan is best. The starting point, in any case, is to decide whether it is civil or criminal. It is a distinction between illegal and non-criminal since civil cases are all those cases that are not criminal dealt by advocates in Lahore or E lawyers online in Lahore.

Difference Prosecuted:

Usually, the prize will be obvious; it is the difference between being prosecuted (for a criminal offense) and sued (for a civil wrong – also called a tort). If the person bringing the case aims to punish the defendant, it will probably be a criminal case. However, if he seeks to obtain compensation or some other benefit for himself, it will generally be a civil case. One incident can lead to both civil and criminal proceedings.


 For instance, suppose a pedestrian is injured by the negligent driving of a drunken motorist. The police will prosecute the motorist for drunk driving, and that will be a criminal case. On the other hand, the injured pedestrian will sue the motorist for damages to compensate him for his injury and lost wages, a civil case for advocates in Lahore or E lawyers online in Lahore. Thus, it will hear the two cases in different courts: they cannot be heard in one combined trial- although, one might ask, why not? To underline the difference between civil and criminal cases, it is possible for there to be different verdicts in the two cases. For instance, the motorist might be convicted of drunken driving in the criminal case and yet be held not liable in the civil case (e.g., if the accident was the pedestrian’s fault).

Advocate in Lahore:

The advocates in Lahore or E lawyers online in Lahore say that the case of the alleged murderer, Mr. Loughans, is another example. Quite simply, the courts are concerned with different questions in different cases. In addition, the courts will apply a different standard of proof in the two cases. In the criminal case, the defendant will only be found guilty if it is shown beyond all reasonable doubt that he committed the offense. However, in the civil court, he will be held liable if it is displayed on a balance of probabilities that he was to blame. So the courts use different criteria in judging the two types of cases for advocates in Lahore or E lawyers online in Lahore.


Beyond all reasonable doubt’ is a stiffer test than ‘on a balance of probabilities. Not surprisingly, lawyers have frequently argued over the exact semantic difference between the two. It is fair to say that no one has ever arrived at a satisfactory brief explanation. However, for most purposes, it is the difference between ‘definitely’ and probably’-or, perhaps, the difference between ’90 percent sure’ and ’60 percent re’. It is the junior of the two principal civil courts: the county court and the High Court. It hears everything from landlord-and-tenant disputes, hire-purchase repossessions, undefended divorces, debt claims, and personal injury claims through bankruptcy and income-tax arrears.