Lash Lift Do’s & Don’ts – Get Gorgeous Lashes

Now, you have your desired lashes that you were craving for so long. What is next then? If you want to maintain and keep your lashes perfect and fluffy then you will need to take great care of them.

It is one of the great things that lash lift does not require too much maintenance however, you do need to take a little extra care of them during the first 24 to 48 hours. You need not visit any professional salon or beautician for any maintenance as you can do it by yourself.

Take a few precautions after your lash lift procedure so they don’t drop off or lose their shape in a very short time. Now, you will wonder; what you should do and what you shouldn’t.


Things you should do:

Brush your lashes with the help of a mascara wand

What do you do if you want to keep your hair nice, silky, and tangled? You brush them. Well, that is what exactly you have to do with the lashes. Brushing these lashes will keep them fresh and fluffy. It will stop your lashes from getting clumping together and keep them separate.


Use a specially designed lash cleanser

Getting a special lash cleaner is not a tough task as there are lots of lash lift in Britinya centers that will provide you with them. Using these types of cleaners will help your lashes to stay longer and have an extended life period. It will not mess with the glue as compared to make up wipes. These cleanse will clean your lashes way much better than those wipes.


Book an appointment every 2-3 week

You need not book an appointment for arranging your lashes. All you have to do is to get them to infill every two or three weeks. This will make sure that your lashes stay in top form and as amazing as ever. You will be naturally losing 1 to 5 lashes every day, hence, making these infilling sessions very important.


Things you shouldn’t do:

Applying eye make-up

Sometimes, eye make-ups are oily and this oil will dissolve the glue and detach the extensions. If you want to wear eye make-up then get yourself a lash and brow cleanser kit from your nearby eyebrow shaping Sunshine Coast center. This kit will help you to remove the make-up without dissolving the glue, hence, keeping your lashes glam and fabulous.


Rubbing or towing with your lashes

This is the last thing you want to do to your lashes. It will not only mess them but there is a chance that rubbing and towing with your lashes will remove them from their place. If you feel itchy around your eyes, pat the eyelids until the itching stops. Don’t remove your lashes by yourself as you will not only remove the artificial ones but the natural ones too.

Taking care of your lash lift is very important. If you want to keep looking stunning and amazing, then get a lash lift but forget to take care of it. With lots of lash lift salons available in the lash lift in Britinya, make your beautiful eyes stunning and amazing with a little care.