Laptops for business: Performance, security, and mobility

Strapline: Empower your business 

Office laptops are flexible computer devices that may be utilised for various functions in a business or office environment. These computers are capable of tasks from editing documents, to handling heavy spreadsheets. Further, these laptops are also used to communicate with colleagues, clients, and consumers via email, video conferencing, social media, and other means. 

What makes a good business laptop?

Here are some factors that make for a good business laptop. 

Screen size 

14-inch displays tend to be the sweet spot for business computers. On-the-go or field-based employees might choose lighter, more portable laptops with 13-inch displays. Meanwhile, 17-inch displays might benefit creative professionals or people who want larger displays for multitasking. 

Ample RAM 

8GB of RAM should be plenty for basic office productivity programs. Users with massive databases, extensive picture editing, or high-definition video may need at least 16GB of RAM. You may need more RAM if the programs you use are very resource intensive. 

Battery life

Good business laptops have batteries that may last a full day between charges, allowing you to keep up with work without worrying about charging. 

Backlit keyboard

Backlit keyboards are standard on the best business laptops. These keyboards enable users to operate in low-light environments, such as aboard flights.

Top business laptops

Here are some of the best business laptops you can buy right now.

Apple MacBook Air 

The Apple MacBook Air is an ultra-portable thin and light laptop that blends powerful performance with the polish of macOS. Ideal for those who are looking for a good business laptop and are always on the move, the MacBook Air is also a great addition for those who are already using other Apple products like an iPhone. 

Lenovo IdeaPad

The Lenovo IdeaPad Slim 3 comes with an Intel Core i3 11th Gen chip and Windows 11. The IdeaPad series is known for sleek designs that can also deliver performance when required, which is why they make for ideal business laptops. 

HP Pavilion

Improve the computer’s experience with the HP Pavilion 14-ec1003AU Ryzen 5 Windows 11 Home Laptop, including the most recent performance developments. The Windows 11 Home operating system assists you in performing user-friendly procedures. Experience the AMD Ryzen 5 CPU’s super-smooth functioning, elevating your performance to new heights. Of course, you also have the quality construction you can expect from most HP laptops.

In today’s changing business market, balancing components like performance, battery life and portability are critical for a good, reliable business laptop.