Lamborghini URUS vs. Aventador – Which One is the Best?

Lamborghini URUS and Aventador are two of the most popular luxury car models by the world-renowned car manufacturing brand. The classic features of Lamborghini are the same in both models. Yet, the two cars are totally different and even fall into different categories due to the sharp contrast in their structure and development.

Luxury cars and even sports cars are too expensive and require hefty regular maintenance due to, which everybody cannot afford them. However, renting cars and enjoying the drive is a promising alternative that helps many fulfill their dream. Picking one option out of two or too many is equally challenging and difficult, which is why learning the differences and knowing what you like is critically important.

Lamborghini URUS and Aventador are both top-notch models by the luxury car brand; however if you have to pick only one, give a detailed read to this article to find which is better.

Top 7 Differences in Lamborghini URUS and Aventador

Lamborghini URUS and Aventador are not the same, and both models have their separate fan bases. The experience offered by two cars can be different from each other, but it might not be too different in terms of quality. In other words, you will be able to enjoy both experiences on their own terms. Knowing the differences can help you stick to your preferences.

Here are some of the major differences between URUS and Aventador that can help you pick a better option for memorable rides.

1. Engine

The engine is the major point of difference between Lamborghini URUS and Aventador. The former comes with a 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 engine, while the latter is equipped with a V12 engine. Many youngsters declare Aventador better than URUS because of its engine and contact Lamborghini hire Dubai based dealers to rent it and explore the power and experience supported by the V12 engine.

2. Vehicle Type

Vehicle type is another critical point that differentiates Lamborghini URUS and Aventador from each other. URUS is a mid-size luxury crossover SUV, while a Aventador is a coupe sports car. Both of the cars offer a varied experience to the riders, which is exceptional and memorable on its own terms. So, you can pick the type you want to experience or prefer.

3. Transmission

Transmission is another critical feature that differentiates Lamborghini URUS from Aventador. Lamborghini URUS is equipped with an all-wheel-drive and eight-speed automatic transmission, while Aventador supports a four-wheel drive and seven-speed automatic transmission. Considering the specifications, URUS offers a better transmission and riding experience, so you can pick it without a doubt.

4. Fuel Economy

Fuel economy is one of the most critical features you should explore and check to find a better car out of two. When it comes to Lamborghini URUS and Aventador, URUS has a fuel tank capacity of eighty-five liters, while that of Aventador is ninety liters, which is better. Moreover, URUS has a fuel economy of 7.8 km/l, and that of the Aventador is 16 km/l. So, the latter is the perfect pick for long rides.

5. Design

The design is one of the major points of difference between Lamborghini URUS and Aventador. URUS has a sleek and laid-back design of a sports car, while Aventador supports a more classic yet elegant and stylish look which is an absolute favorite of many. So, the design of the two cars is different yet equally attractive, which leaves the final choice to your preference and pick.

6. Comfort and Convenience

Comfort and convenience is another significant point you can utilize to differentiate Lamborghini URUS and Aventador. URUS supports a sports car design due to which its space is not as comfortable as that of the Lamborghini Aventador. Both cars have leather seating and other comfortable features; however, Aventador has a spacious interior which is not as impressive in URUS. So, you can test drive the two cars and pick the one you find more comfortable to enjoy long rides.

7. Safety Features

Lamborghini URUS and Aventador are both manufactured by the same brand, which is quite conscious of safety details. This is why both models give tough competition to each other in terms of safety features. While most of the features are the same in both, Aventador lacks a child safety lock and headlight washers which are available in URUS. You can contact Lamborghini hire Dubai based dealers, and test drive both models to decide your preference.

Lamborghini URUS or Aventador – what is your pick?

Now that you are aware of the major differences of Lamborghini URUS and Aventador, you must have identified your pick and preference. So, contact professional dealers to rent the car you like the best and make your rides memorable.

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