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Kuran Malhotra, a Fintech Expert - TIME BUSINESS NEWS

Kuran Malhotra, a Fintech Expert

Kuran Malhotra is a bilingual graduate from Georgetown University. He holds a degree in BS for Business Administration, and his majors were finance and operations and information management, and the minor included economics.

He started advising small businesses due to his fusion of technology and finance. Which helped him through things like developing websites and developing the financial management processes as well. He holds a lifelong experience which he was able to utilize along with his knowledge about business administration and operations which helped him through the initial phase of fusing finance with technology.

His extensive skillset

Kuran Malhotra holds a lot of experience and skills. He taught himself coding and his skills include programming i.e. HTML, CSS, Python, Javascript, and C++. He also worked as a financial underwriter, worked in data analyzing, and much more. Moreover, his interest in programming along with developing a website initially started at Montclair University in New Jersey.

He was supposed to create an online portfolio and complete it for his final class. But then he continued his journey and programming and creating web after that. He developed a website for a high-end fashion magazine for women. Furthermore, he was able to gain insight and experience for his passion for photography from here as well and did some shoots for this magazine as well. He leverages his skills and then worked at the New Jersey community where he started advising small businesses due to his experience and knowledge of finance alongside technology. Which can be good for small businesses and gives them the opportunity for growth.

His expertise as a Fintech, and its importance for businesses

Due to the numerous businesses in his hometown, Kuran Malhotra was able to take advantage and gain experience from these, as well as those around his University. His extensive skill-set and knowledge across the finance and technology border helped him contribute towards the success of small businesses as well. He was able to apply his knowledge and skills as he moved on to the venture capital world.

Apart from his finTech expertise, he was a financial security advisor and was dedicated to learning about personal goals along with the goals and aims of small businesses. He started to learn about how he could help them grow financially as well as based on technology as well. He felt the need to fuse both side by side, which would be great for business growth. Due to his guidance and advice, companies and businesses started growing financially by building a financial security plan which focused completely on the business’s needs.

knowledge for technology and finance

His passion and knowledge for technology and finance benefitted him alongside a lot of small businesses. Which took the opportunity to grow through his advice. The clients Malhotra dealt with had differences, some were huge and varied in stages of businesses, due to which he emphasized a financial security plan.

He was able to help business owners which helped him reach the FinTech Venture Capital of the world. Through this, he was able to provide his assistance to young organizations alongside him shaping himself and others for the future market leaders based on technology.