Key Steps To Open A Pharmacy In Dubai With License

The pharmacy and other healthcare facilities are a necessity everywhere, including in Dubai. The huge availability of expats in the UAE brings the need for pharmacy more than ever. Pharmacies are required in every residential colony or locality, irrespective of how big or small it is. Quick medication and health care facilities demand opens the opportunity for you to start your pharmacy in Dubai

What Approvals Are Needed To Start Pharmacy Business in Dubai?

The Ministry Of Health in Dubai regulates the pharmacy centers and their licenses. Every permit, license, registration, a prescription will be under the regulations & monitoring of the Dubai Ministry of Health Authorities. The major aim of the authority is to keep a check on all pharmacies and healthcare centers running in Dubai to ensure the ecosystem of the healthcare system. They are a bit strict and have a comprehensive plan with comprehensive practices. 

Let’s explore the requirements and guidelines to open a pharmacy in Dubai: 

1. Initial Approval/Authorization Letter

The first step is to apply for the authorization letter. The health management department will oversee your application and grant permission to set up a pharmacy store in Dubai. Once you have the initial letter in hand, go for setting up the pharmacy store. 

2. Issuing Of Pharmacy License

You need to have a proper pharmacy store set up before applying for its licensing. The Drug Control Department in Dubai will inspect it, and they will be responsible for providing the final clearance. Once you’ve got the sales support, your business is permitted to sell medical and healthcare products. In simple words, it is good to start your pharmacy business right away. 

Which Documents Are Required For Pharmacy Shop In Dubai?

Here are some important documents that must be there to start the pharmacy shop in Dubai: 

1. Application form

2. Initial approval from Dubai Health Authority.

3. Physical shop blueprints.

4. Copy of tenancy agreement.

5. Copy of investor passport.

6. Copy of pharmaceutical license. 

7. Certification of employees working in the pharmacy.

There can be another document requirement as well, depending on your application and several other factors. The pharmacy license is a mandatory thing to start selling or manufacturing medicinal products in Dubai. The permit will be issued by Dubai Health Authority along with certain licenses to start the pharmacy operations. Let’s see how to avail of the pharmacy license in Dubai. 

How To Get The Pharmacy License In Dubai?

You have initial approval from Health Authorities and the Dubai Municipality and must get a pharmacy license. Once the inspection is done, you must immediately submit the tenant contact, shop blueprint, and other required documents. It will put you in the queue for the pharmacy license request. 

After some time, you will receive the pharmacy license from Dubai Health Authority. They only provide the permit to the investor once everything is reviewed and credibility is verified. In case anything goes wrong or missing, the pharmacy license request will be rejected, or you’ll be asked to apply for it again. 

How To Complete Registration Of A Pharmacy Business In Dubai?

1. Open an LLC Company in Dubai

The limited liability company (LLC) is the most basic form of company and is preferred by most investors. It is one approach to set up a pharmacy shop as an open LLC company to get it registered in Dubai. The investor must be a UAE national or have a partner as UAE national. The share division will be 51% (UAE national partner), and the rest, 49%, can be yours or divided among multiple foreign investors. 

2. Start a Sole-Establishment in Dubai

Another type of company can be a sole proprietorship for a pharmacy store in Dubai. It can get you a pharmacy license, but the LLC is the ideal choice. An exclusive establishment will have lesser investment, but the capital requirements will be huge. Getting a permit is tough if your wealth won’t be able to meet the company’s liabilities. 

In The End

Hence, one thing is clear that starting a pharmacy store is not a child’s play in Dubai. It would help if you underwent a lot of inspections and had to abide by a lot of rules and regulations. Any newbie investor will face a lot of risks and problems in getting approval, license, registration, suppliers, storage facilities, staff management. It won’t be easier without any reliable help or guidance. 

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