Kanin Asva: Helping Asian and American Business Spheres Collide

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NEW YORK – Kanin Asvaplungprohm (‘Asva’) is the founder of ROBUST; a venture capital firm focused on supporting innovation across borders. Committed to bridging cultural gaps to link investors and innovators between North America and Southeast Asia, Asva defines one of his greatest strengths as making stellar connections with other human beings.

While he was born in Asia, the border-breaking young maverick defines himself as a citizen of the world, boasting a proficiency in connecting with people from all walks of life. A Master of Financial Analysis, summa cum laude from the University of San Francisco, Asva holds a breadth of experience managing up to $200m effectively. 

With expertise in principal investment, analysis, and risk management, Asva has previously worked with the likes of Dynafolio, Marwin Technologies, Bangkok Bank, and Econ One Research. By 2021, he was utilizing approaches developed over his entire career as Venture Partner at Oyster Ventures, a fintech-focused fund, before founding ROBUST later that year.

 ROBUST is Powering Innovation

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With ROBUST, named for the vitality and strength he wishes to communicate to investors and founders, Asva focuses support on innovators that are solving today’s problems with tomorrow’s methods. Whether taking an approach centered on sustainability, streamlining complicated business processes, or limitless innovation, ROBUST backs its portfolio companies for the long haul, affording capital investment while assisting in drumming up financial support from investors worldwide. ROBUST’s most recent partnerships have been forged with these concepts in mind, as they offer exciting avenues that could lead to significant shifts in their respective industries.

ROBUST’s Partnerships

Offsight is solving the most common challenges of offsite and project-based manufacturing, utilizing seamless quality tracking and operation management features to help factory managers more conveniently track progress and tackle quality issues when they occur. With the ability to filter data by a specific project or work order, users could easily manage and track several different processes with ease. Holding vast task management capabilities and reporting processes, and means to track labor costs and timesheets, Offsight fits perfectly in a world where business processes are handled collaboratively more than ever.

Another new partner of ROBUST, emerging life sciences company Symbiome, prides itself on keeping products organic, sustainable, and as minimal as possible. With a name referencing a more holistic phase of human history when people “lived in symbiosis with the natural world,” Symbiome is focused on supplementing modern skin biomes with greater microbial diversity to produce stronger, healthier skin cells. Based in San Francisco, the brand eschews the chemical ingredients common to various cleansers, vouching to utilize simple, powerful ingredients like Geranium Leaf Oil, Passion Fruit Seed Extract, and Sanoma Leaf Oil.

Kanin Asva, Meeting Today’s Obstacles with Innovation

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As founder of ROBUST, trailblazer Asva supports companies that provide novel approaches to modern issues across industries. In a recent interview, he spoke of his passion and drive. When asked about advice for founders hoping to break into an industry, Kanin said: “Cut out the noise, focus and don’t doubt yourself. People only understand things from their level of perception, within the parameters of their agreement with reality.”

As an investor, Asva respects his partners’ distinct visions, fashioning himself as an investor that a founder can be thankful to have to support them when the going gets rough. He additionally offers founders special access to Southeast Asian markets, expanding businesses’ reach beyond the bounds of the US. With access to crucial resources, sharp decision-making skills, and sensibilities marrying a fundamental and dynamic investment approach, Asva is the visionary venture capital has been waiting for.

To learn more, visit ROBUST.vc

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