JMK5 Holdings Finds Investment Opportunities with Real Estate

Every real estate developer starts to focus on what they want to work on to be their best. This is the best way to build a company and succeed in specific markets. For Jerome Karam and JMK5 Holdings, the focus is on redevelopment.

Only a few developers take on both commercial and residential redevelopment projects, but Jerome Karam is very picky about what he works with. 

Understanding the differences between the two types of properties is a great starting point, but the initial selection process also makes a difference.

What’s The Difference Between Commercial and Residential Real Estate?

Both commercial and residential real estate are types of property that can be bought, sold, leased, or rented. While they share some similarities, each type also has its unique characteristics.

Commercial Real Estate

Commercial real estate is typically used for businesses rather than as a place to live. Properties intended for use in commercial activities must meet specific zoning requirements. For example, sites zoned for industrial use cannot be used for housing.

One advantage of commercial real estate is that it tends to generate more income than residential properties of the same size. For example, a small business owner may be able to lease out an unused part of their warehouse for extra money each month. 

In addition, commercial properties tend to be more durable and require less maintenance than residential properties. That’s because while many commercial properties have people coming in and out throughout the day, they aren’t lived in 24 hours a day.

However, only some things are a plus with this type of property. Commercial real estate tends to cost significantly more than residential property, which makes it difficult for small businesses or startups to afford. 

Additionally, buying or leasing a commercial space requires a significant upfront investment of time and money in legal fees, inspections, permits, etc. It is challenging for some entrepreneurs with limited resources to get their businesses.

Residential Real Estate

On the other hand, residential real estate is typically used as a place to live rather than work. This includes single-family homes, and apartment buildings rented out by individuals or families rather than businesses. 

Residential properties are generally more accessible and cheaper than commercial ones but generate lower returns.

This type of property is generally less expensive than commercial property and requires less investment by homeowners or renters. Additionally, living in a residential space tends to be more comfortable and convenient than working in an office all day.

While more and more people are working from home, residential property is the only realistic way to go.

Both types of real estate have their advantages and disadvantages, each with unique features ideal for specific individuals and businesses. 

Whether a person is interested in buying or leasing commercial or residential property, it’s essential to weigh the pros and cons before deciding.​

How Jerome Karam Makes Property Decisions

[Alt Text: A picture of a replica house and a pair of keys representing Jerome Karam’s career in real estate redevelopment.]

Initially, Jerome Karam Houston had a successful law career. While it paid the bills and was enjoyable to some degree, real estate redevelopment turned into something much more than that. 

He thought it could be a side project, but the success of JMK5 Holdings allowed him to leave his law career behind comfortably.

Little by little, it’s all been about building up a company that focuses on being careful about every community they go into. It’s crucial that, in some areas, history lives on. 

That’s why redevelopment projects are usually met with a much higher level of praise than something that was torn down and built up brand new.

As JMK5 Holdings grows its reputation, it’s becoming easier for Jerome Karam to find promising opportunities. One opportunity he’s currently in the process of redeveloping is the former Gulf Greyhound Park. 

He plans to turn this into an event and concert venue for the masses in La Marque, Texas.

Despite all the success, Jerome Karam has been hesitant to grow too much outside the Houston area and Louisiana. 

Recently, he dipped his toes into the Memphis market by purchasing a former Super KMart to redevelop. When opportunities arise, he’s not afraid to take risks on different property types.

Past Success In Redevelopment

Jerome Karam’s confidence grows with each well-received redevelopment project. Some recent examples include Mainland City Centre in Texas City, Texas, the Falstaff Brewery in Galveston, Texas, and several loft properties with the company’s name attached.

Developing an excellent reputation in a community can make a huge difference in landing future opportunities. Many city leaders and communities have considered Jerome Karam someone who can help revitalize certain areas when others have failed. 

The best part about redevelopment is that the project is much cheaper in many cases than building something new. It also takes less time and fits in with the community to go this route.

Keeping Redevelopment in The Family

A family man through and through, Jerome has found a way to have his wife Leslie and all his children as part of JMK5 Holdings. They help keep the business running, which has the company looking strong for years.

Redevelopment projects help rebuild communities as a whole. Growing up in the Friendswood area of Houston, the entire Jerome Karam family understands the impact new development can make. 

This is particularly apparent in areas where buildings sat vacant for years before getting attention.

Jerome Karam‘s current career has left him happy and excited for the future. With investment opportunities constantly popping up between commercial and residential real estate, he plans to have calculated growth with each passing year.


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