Is Technology Good or Bad for Student Learning

Some of you may already have accepted that technology is all good for student learning & here you are just to clarify whether your idea is right or wrong. If so then we cannot just tell you that technology is bad for student learning. Indeed, you cannot deny the gifts of technology nowadays. In fact, you are here, reading this article; everything is possible just because of technology. Technology has brought you from ancient times to the modern age & there is no chance to deny this. In the future technology will also take you to a new world. But there is nothing in this world that does not have a bad side, it includes technology as well. If you are here for educational purposes then it is your lucky day today. We are going to discuss Is Technology Good or Bad for Student Learning.

Technology has made everything easier for you. You can relate technology to your daily life, your work & also to your study. Learning things has become much easier nowadays just with the help of technology. But the question that arises here is how many positive & negative effects it is spreading towards the students of this generation. Well, let’s find out. Below we mentioned both the bad sides & good sides of technology for students learning. Just keep reading & then you decide whether your idea is wrong or right.

Good Things of Modern Technology for Student Learning’s

Here are the good things that technology does for student learnings. Have a look:

Better Classroom

This is the most remarkable gift of technology for student learnings. With the use of technology students nowadays are getting a better environment in their class. There is no doubt that students learn most of the things during their class time. Whether you can be a school student, college student, or university student, your classroom is the key source of your learning. So you must get a better environment where you can be more attentive & learn new things every day. The use of modern devices like projector, computer, digital writing board, microphone, soundbox, etc. has made the classrooms more attractive & responsive for students.

A technologically advanced classroom attracts most students. Students are becoming regular to class just to learn new things with the help of technology. Though it is true that even the most advanced classroom cannot replace your subject teacher. But according to most teachers technological advancement & modern gadgets come really helpful even for their teaching. Teachers are also feeling comfortable teaching their students with the help of technological devices. They can sure cover a huge number of students with the help of technology. So we can say that a better classroom or as you say a modern classroom is the gift of modern technology.

Better Communication

This is something that no one can ever deny. The communication system of today is only possible with the help of technology. Nowadays people including students can communicate with others no matter where they are staying. You can communicate with your friends or family who are living far from you. Even in the 90s, the communication system was not that much developed. It was very difficult back then to communicate with one who stays far from home. But now things have changed. You can talk or even see anyone you want through a video call. This is the gift of technology.

A better communication system also affects student learnings. The most remarkable example of this point in modern days is online classes. Teachers are taking online classes from their home & students are also attending the classes staying at their home. Also if a student wants to communicate with his/her teacher or friends about any learning topic then it is very easy now. To do so you must need to have the best student laptop which also a gift of modern technology.

Better Accessibility

Another thing that we must mention is that technology has provided the students with better accessibility to any kind of information. If a student is eager to learn something then modern technology will allow him/her to find that information in an instant. The Internet has brought everything close to your hands. Students can get every information related to their study with the help of technology. Just one search on the internet will bring numerous results. Thus the students can have better accessibility to all kinds of information related to their study or maybe something that is beyond their regular lessons.

Bad Things of Modern Technology for Student Learning’s

So now you know the good sides of technology in student learnings. As we mentioned in the beginning, technology does not come without any bad sides. Here are the bad sides of technology in student learnings. Have a look:

Makes Students Lazy

It is true that technology has made student learning much easier nowadays. But it is also true that technology is making students lazier day by day. Nowadays students tend to type his/her note in the classroom instead of writing. This is good & much easier. But in contrast, it lets the student forgets their regular handwriting lessons. If the students do everything on their laptops then it is more likely that they will one day forget how to write properly.

Back then if the students want any kind of information related to their lessons then they must search various textbooks & find out that. It was a harder task but it was also much more effective to remember things. It is true that if you find something with a little effort & hard work then you will remember this for a long time. But now students can find any answer easily & just like that they tend to forget that easily as well. Another thing is that students nowadays like to spend their leisure time using technological devices. Playing video games on a mobile phone or PC is the most common example. It causes a lazy lifestyle that does not include any active sports or hard work.

Creates Social Gap among Students

Technology may provide a better communication system for students, but on the other hand, it also can create social games among students. It is always admirable if a student is using the most technologically advanced devices in the classroom to learn things. But it can also rise arrogance in students. Those who cannot use the most advanced technology or bring those to class may feel shy for his/her situation. This sure will create a social gap for them. Also because of technology & easy communication system students may stay far from their real-life communication. Just talking on a cell phone or video chat may create a bad habit for them. The students who tend to do this may find him/her self-separate from the real world. This can really cause depression in future days.

Causes Addiction

“Technology Addiction” is a term that has introduced a few years ago. But now it has become a real problem, especially for the young generation & students. Students are learning numerous things with the help of modern technology. But if using modern devices turns into an addiction for them then it can be a serious problem. Those students who are also using technological devices for negative purposes will also suffer in the future. In fact, it will hamper their learning session instead of making it better. Browsing forbidden sites on the internet & playing too many games are two serious problems that students are addicted to just because of technology.

The verdict of My Thought

We tried our best to let you understand the most basic good & bad sides of technology for students learning. Now it is time for you to decide. We should advise something before ending today’s topic. Technology has both good & bad effects on student learning. You should always try to adopt the good things & avoid the bad things. Thus one day you can say that technology is all good for student learnings.

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