Becoming widely popular among the corporate echelons over the years, SMS marketing, unlike other forms of customer engagement, is an effective way to communicate. Also, with promotional SMS and engagement campaigns, businesses can expect high open rates and immediate delivery of promotions.

Here, we will discuss how and why Bulk SMS service is the next big thing in mobile marketing strategies. Also, it brings along various business advantages. However, if we are talking about business applications of Bulk SMS, we will first talk about the types of SMS.

Transactional bulk SMS

As the name suggests, it is transactional in nature and is typically sent by businesses to inform their registered users about the status of their transactions. This can be order status, billing information and other relevant information. These SMSs are only meant to be sent to registered customers with the motive of helping and informing them.

Promotional bulk SMS

Again, as evident by its name, promotional SMS is promotional in nature. Businesses use this type to promote their products and services as well as other promotional offers and deals. The concept behind it is to do common advertising. And, the best part about promotional bulk messages is that it has a very high open rate.

Why is SMS marketing the next big thing?

SMS marketing ensures immediate engagement of customers for your brand as they get delivered in seconds. This happens because the majority of people have mobile phones, that too in close proximity. This way, bulk SMS is considered to be read almost instantly by the customers.

Further, they bring along a high open rate as well. Well, we can base this on the fact that the average open rate of emails is around 27%, and that of direct emails is 91%. However, when it comes to Bulk SMS, they have a whopping open rate of 95%. And, this undoubtedly beats all the conventional channels and their respective open rates.

Along with this, Bulk SMS Service in Hyderabad  offers a higher engagement as well as response rate. A survey conducted by the Mobile Marketing Association suggests that customers are five times more responsive to SMS marketing when compared to direct email marketing. This roots in the fact that responding to text messages is much easier for a majority of the customers and it usually takes only seconds. This way businesses and brands can ensure that they achieve higher customer engagement along with a higher response rate.

And this is how businesses can help their growth prospects by adopting bulk SMS campaigns as their strong marketing forte. It can help businesses for marketing purposes. Also, it not only generates and maintains customer goodwill and loyalty but also helps them in projecting a more professional as well as credible image to the customers. It will enable businesses to enjoy a higher open rate response rate and engagement along with serving the ability to intrigue their customers immediately through a hassle-free communication channel.