Is Living in Chennai a Good Idea?

With a glorious and rich past and a great promising future, the present of Chennai is gracefully modern. It is hard to prohibit Chennai from saturated stereotypes such as Rajnikanth jokes, Brahmin with ash strokes on the forehead, and women with various jasmine kept in their hair going ‘aiyo’ in wonder at a minor modernity hint.  

Moreover, the city is heavily loaded with a cultural mantle of aplomb, cheering more and more tourists and inhabitants to its filtered coffee-drenched folds. If you want to live in Chennai, you can bring a little of your belongings as the city provides various needy belongings on rent, including Ac rental in Chennai. 

Why should you live in Chennai? 

There are numerous reasons why you should choose to live in Chennai. Some of them are as follows : 

Unique culture

Chennai has a unique culture, and the residents of Chennai have very proud of it. Chennai’s festivals and holidays are famous worldwide, and the people are protective of their Tamil language.

Jallikattu is an inseparable and permanent tradition of Chennai. Jallikattu sport, or ‘Cow Taming,’ has been part of Chennai’s culture for a long time. This sport has been played and organized for ages, and the residents actively show their presence in a high bulk and with great enthusiasm. 

Thai Pongal 

Thai Pongal is a popular Chennai celebration celebrated as a harvest festival. During this festival, the farmers of the area pray to their God for better crop production. The celebration of this festival remains active for four days. 

This festival is celebrated in the second week of January every year. If you live in the city, you will witness this festival with the residents yourself. 


Hindus mainly occupy Chennai; however, some communities of Muslims and Christians also exist. The residents of Chennai are very serious about their religion. As the area is heavily populated with Hindus, you can observe various temples in the city. 

Top temples are designed in the Dravidian architectural fashion. Some famous temples of Chennai are Arulmigu Kapaleeswarar Temple, the Ashtalakshmi Temple, and the Kapaleeshwarar Temple. 

Cost of living

The living costs in Chennai are least, I.e., almost 10 per cent least, compared to the other 248 cities of the country. So, you can live in the area comfortably. 


On average, your travelling charges will be about 1000 to 1500 monthly, depending on the distance and type of transport. If you want to save money, stay nearby of your workplace.

 Also, the Rent exercise bike is a better option if you stay a little from your workplace, saving you money and precious time. 


The expenses on food will be bearable for everyone. Chennai is famous for south Indian goods, which can be found in almost every restaurant. 

The city offers almost all cuisines, with various street-side food and restaurant options. North Indian foods are available but are a little expensive compared to other foods. It is not advisable to eat outside daily because it can be harmful to your pocket along with your health.