Is it Possible to put a Chainsaw Blade Backward?

Well, if you want to correct the direction of your chainsaw then you should be clear that it is very frustrating to work for anyone who has never tried to adjust the right direction of the chainsaw. This process is actually very time-consuming and frustrating, and the worst part arrives during the process of starting the chainsaw. Well, for a regular user it is a completely known fact about installing your chain in the wrong direction can cause.

So, to make sure that the new users should have to suffer those problems, here are some issues that can occur if you adjust the chain in the wrong direction.

Waste of good bar oil:

You should know that your chainsaw will only work when you fix the hawser in the chainsaw in right direction, but if by chance you fixed it in the wrong direction then it will create a huge wastage of bar oil and it will cause more harm to the chainsaw. Well, the bar oil is mainly kept so that you can complete some cutting tasks. But if your chain blade is in the wrong direction it will waste a lot of bar oil.

Cause damage to chain link:

Well, the chain link is one of the most essential parts of a chainsaw and if the chain-link gets damage it will reduce the effectiveness of the chainsaw and it will cause trouble while it’s functioning. The link provides support to the blade and allows it to propel effectively, so try to adjust it at the bottom of the blade. If you don’t want any accidental situation or do not want to damage your project then make sure that the drive link is fixed properly.

Causes unnecessary stress on the guide bar:

The most crucial part of the chainsaw is its guide bar. The guide bar allows the chainsaw to work effectively in cutting heavy-duty woods or trees and if you have adjusted the chainsaw blade in the wrong direction then it will cause a lot of trouble in working properly. If the chain blade runs in the wrong direction it will create huge stress on the guide bar as the chain will be forced into the wood due to its wrong direction movement. It will never be possible to cut anything and also it will damage the guide bar.

It may cause you to doubt your skills:

If you feel fun being annoyed then you can try to fix your chainsaw blade in the wrong direction and suffer the pain of being annoyed while using the saw. But if you don’t feel in such a way then the best suggestion is to gain knowledge and learn the necessary skills that are required to demonstrate your chainsaw skills. It can cost you your job if you spend the whole day is struggling with mounting the chainsaw in the right direction.

Motor deterioration:

Well, if the edges of your chainsaw are dull then you will need to apply huge pressure for cutting woods or trees and it will gradually decrease the lifetime of your chainsaw motor.