Is it possible to love your homeland but live elsewhere? This is a difficult question without a definite answer. Even more so, if your country’s economic prospects are deteriorating, and the future looks bleak. A rational Homo sapiens will hardly like living a life of poverty just because everyone around them lives this way. 

Moving to a different country is a big and serious step. If you are at a loss as to what to do and whether you are able to handle it, book an individual consultation with the International Wealth experts. At International Wealth, we are happy to discuss everything related to document preparation, choice of programs for obtaining citizenship or residence permits, estimated moving costs, and lots of related issues.

Please note that in most cases you won’t have to refuse your current passport to get a residence permit or citizenship in a new country. Some states prohibit dual citizenship, but have no laws regulating a second citizenship. Their legislation may allow for various readings that can be interpreted in different ways. We may conclude that it is possible to get a passport of the most suitable jurisdiction and keep the citizenship of your country of origin. 

Why would you want to do it? A backup plan won’t hurt if you have to move elsewhere. Few people would agree to lead a life of a refugee or an undocumented alien. If you already have an official residence permit or citizenship, all you need to relocate is an airplane ticket.

Here are some issues, the International Wealth pros are ready to assist you with:

  • second citizenship and passports
  • filing paperwork for your residence permit or citizenship
  • selecting the jurisdiction exactly matching your requirements
  • tax residency
  • resident visas
  • applying for residency or citizenship by investment programs
  • real estate investment (with residency or citizenship as a nice bonus).

Off-the-shelf solutions nearly always fail, while individual ones accounting for the customer’s requirements and wishes succeed and prove effective. We will help you get rid of any worries and actually obtain a residence permit or citizenship. Contact International Wealth to discover infinite potential within and secure a better future for yourself and your family.