Investing in real estate in Bali: an unexplored paradise

The sunny paradise of Bali, known for its lush landscapes, vibrant culture, and inviting beaches, has increasingly become an attractive destination for real estate investors around the world. Why is this tropical island, part of the Indonesian archipelago, gathering so much attention from the international real estate community? Let’s delve into the exciting prospects of investing in Bali’s property market.

  • Bali offers an ideal mix of elements conducive to a thriving real estate market. A year-round tropical climate, beautiful scenery, a low cost of living, and a steadily growing tourism industry make the island a perfect hotspot for both residential and commercial property investments.
  • One of the primary drivers for Bali’s real estate boom is the tourism industry. With over 6.5 million international visitors each year (as of 2019), the island’s popularity is set to increase. As a result, the demand for vacation rentals, hotels, and hospitality-focused properties is on a steady rise.
  • Investing in vacation rental properties has proven to be a lucrative avenue. Villas in popular areas like Seminyak, Ubud, or Canggu can offer substantial returns on investment, given their high rental demand from tourists. Furthermore, a variety of management companies on the island can handle property maintenance and bookings, allowing investors to gain profit without the need for hands-on management.
  • The future of Bali’s real estate market looks promising. The Indonesian government’s continued focus on tourism infrastructure, the digital nomad visa initiative, and Bali’s increasing international fame are likely to keep demand high. The potential return on investment, paired with the chance to own a piece of paradise, makes Bali a real estate investor’s dream.
  • The beauty and tranquility of Bali, its vibrant culture, and the promising return on investment opportunities make it an intriguing prospect for real estate investors. Whether you are considering a residential or commercial property, Bali’s real estate market offers a host of opportunities for the discerning investor. In this promising yet intricate landscape, Sunny Development Group stands as a formidable ally for investors.

About Sunny Development Group

Sunny Development Group is an international group of seasoned professionals who have constructed over 1 million square meters of residential apartments in six countries: Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, Romania, Indonesia, and Thailand. As a leader and expert in constructing high-yield investment properties, SDG ensures high-quality projects completed within set deadlines, thanks to years of experience. Today, they are bringing their expertise to the beautiful island of Bali.

Sunny Development Group is headed by co-founders Victoria Halitska and Igor Grosu. 

Victoria, an expert developer from Ukraine, is actively involved in public and social projects worldwide. 

Igor, a businessman and entrepreneur from Romania, is also a developer who is passionate about selecting the best locations, implementing advanced design solutions, and creating infrastructure in complexes, ensuring their facilities’ year-round demand among tourists.

Through SDG, you’re not just purchasing a property; you’re investing in a ready-made business. The company takes care of all management and supports your property, providing a stable passive income in USD.

SDG in numbers

With 12 years of experience, 8 projects in Bali, and over 1 million square meters of built area, including 28,000 square meters in Bali alone, SDG is the undisputed leader in Bali’s developer market. Their reputation remains unsurpassed due to the high quality of construction, successful project implementation, and extensive team experience. Sunny Development Group sets industry standards and attracts investors’ attention worldwide. 

Cooperating with SDG guarantees the reliability and success of your investment in Bali. The company promises a guaranteed return on investment from 12% in USD as per the agreement with the management company. SDG’s years of construction experience ensure timely project completion with proven quality. Furthermore, SDG manages all aspects of the property, from ensuring a stable flow of residents to maintenance and support of the villa.

Their robust investment funds allow SunnyDG to start and implement projects seamlessly, providing peace of mind for investors. Trust the professionals at SunnyDG and make the most of the promising real estate market in Bali.

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