Interesting Stuff For iPhone Users to Try While Travelling

If you are planning to go on a vacation and want to take your iPhone as one of your companions, then you may do so and still enjoy its use. There are several things that you can do with your iPhone when you are traveling. Learn more about what you should keep in mind while traveling, on this website: morsk oiboy.

Let’s discuss them one by one…

Use it Roaming

Even though you can use your iPhone in other countries, you need still to check with your network provider before you go to make sure that roaming is enabled on your account. This is because not all providers can enable roaming by default. As a result, you are required to contact your network provider several days before the start of your trip and request that they enable the roaming capability on your account.

In addition, it is strongly suggested that you investigate the fees associated with using your iPhone in the location where you will be vacationing in because these rates can also vary from place to place. You should do this research before you leave for your trip. Remember that phone calls and text messages sent or received from outside the country are not included in your monthly allocation and will be invoiced to travelingtely as a result. This means that you should not send or receive any text messages or make any phone calls from outside the country. When you are traveling outside of the country, you will be subject to additional fees if you take calls on your mobile phone. You can visit this website click 2 touch for more information.

Use iMessage

There are a lot of applications available that can allow sending text messages for free, but with iPhone, you will be allowed to send unlimited text messages through Wi-Fi for free with iMessage. This app is integrated right into the messages application; hence there is nothing to be done to activate such a feature. However, it also entails that the person who will be texting is someone who also uses iPhone with iMessage. In addition, be sure to switch off your data roaming through your iPhone to make sure that you will not be billed for unwanted charges.

Use Face Time/Calling

To use this, you also need a Wi-Fi connection. FaceTime is a free application so you can make calls to someone on an iPhone, Mac, iPod touch, or iPad. Since there can be many places in your vacation destination that offers free Wi-Fi use, surely you will not have a problem using this one.

Use Skype

Skype will let you call for free or for a very cheap rate, depending on the kind of call that you will make. It makes a great iPhone application and can allow you to do calls back in your home when necessary. Make sure though that you have some cash in your account before you leave to make everything easier.

Send as Many Pictures as You Want by Email

Take pictures everywhere you go. Capture every moment during your travel, and send them to your loved ones back home using your email address. This is very possible by connecting to the internet through the Wi-Fi connection available in many cafés, restaurants, hotels, or bars in the city.

Get your Way Through The City

Though iPhone is not capable of storing maps, you can still resort to completing foreign maps which will surely work everywhere, regardless if you have your data connection or otherwise. There are map apps that will cost you a bit but will keep you directed anywhere you go. You just have to download the maps on Wi-Fi before leaving home. Open up the application and let it access your location. After browsing through to locate the map that you want to download.