Gojek Clone App: 82+ On-Demand Multi-Service in a Single App

Do you know that the on-demand Gojek Clone App offers more than 82 services? If yes, you may also know that it has several modern features that make the app seamless. However, we are here to talk about the many services of apps like Gojek. Let’s begin with listing the several genres of services available on the app. 

Service Genres of On-demand App

The purpose of listing the genres is clear – to showcase how wide-ranging this app is. Moreover, you need to know what’s already integrated into this app and what else you need to add! Look at the following service genres: 

  • Transportation & logistics 
  • Healthcare 
  • Spa & wellness 
  • Beauty 
  • Handyman (carpenters, plumbers, house painters, etc.) 
  • Academics 
  • Fitness 
  • Astrology 
  • Home cleaning 
  • Sanitization 
  • Car washers 

The list goes on and on! Now, let’s look at the different services available on the platform. Let me tell you, each of these services is meant to provide the customers with the utmost convenience and comfort. 

muti-service app

Gojek Clone App and its Multiple Services 

The app offers 82+ services categorized into eight major categories. Look at them: 

On-demand services 

On-demand services allow customers to book at-home services instantly. It includes booking services like beauticians on-demand, mechanics, car washers, babysitters, etc. Here, the customers can also choose to schedule the services based on their needs and requirements. 

Moreover, the customers book a particular service provider after reviewing their portfolio on the app. 

On-demand delivery 

On-demand delivery services include food orders, flower delivery, grocery delivery, and much more. Empower your customers to get everything they need to be delivered to their doorstep. The app allows the customers to book doorstep delivery and takeaway at times. 

The option for different delivery methods makes availing services more convenient for the customers. 

Online taxi ride booking 

Online taxi booking from x location to y within the city gives the customers a good reason to take cab rides. Not only it saves them the hassles of manual service booking but it also makes the riders come back to Gojek Clone App again and again. 

The riders can use their smartphones to book the taxi ride and their iWatch as well. The Uber-like taxi service also has the option to book carpooling, rentals, luxurious taxi rides, and more. 

Parcel delivery

Send parcels from one location to another within the same city. Customers booking parcel delivery services can choose the cargo vehicle depending on the quantity, weight, and type of parcel. 

Customers need to select one pick-up location and multiple drop-off locations. Moreover, to ensure that the parcel is delivered correctly, the provider first needs to enter the OTP (sent to the receiver’s number) and confirm the delivery. 

Online video consultation

Your customers can now get in touch with professionals and consult with them through video calls. Professionals customers can consult with include doctors, academic tutors, astrologers, and so on. 

The service includes multiple features like in-app messaging, scheduling, submitting additional information, and so on. 

Service bidding 

The Gojek Clone App includes a unique service bidding service. Here, customers can bid for handyman services in real time by posting a task on the app. Once the task is posted, nearby handymen from the chosen category (say, electricians) receive the service request. 

Depending on their service offerings, the handymen can choose to accept, reject, or make an offer on the posted task. If an offer is chosen, the customers and handymen can start negotiating. 

Delivery Genie and Runner 

Delivery Genie is the personal shopper and Runner is the errand-runner. Customers can choose to hire them from the smartphone apps whenever they want someone to fetch stuff from the market and deliver them to the doorstep. On the flip side, the customer can hire a Runner if they want to deliver items like lunch boxes, laptops, documents, etc., to a local address.

On-demand Medical Services 

The on-demand medical services are a new addition to the multi-service menu of the Gojek Clone App. Well, this service enables the customers to book an ambulance, online video consultation with doctors, book an appointment at the vet, order blood/plasma from a nearby blood bank, etc. 

gojek clone app

In conclusion: 

Summing up, it is time that you launch a Gojek Clone App and become the king of the on-demand industry. Get in touch with white-labeling experts to know the Gojek Clone price and demo app. 

Make a quick decision and get access to the demo app.