Interesting Facts About AGT Season 15

America’s Got Talent is one of the prestigious talent hunts shows in the world. Every season, numerous contestants participate to see who emerges with the victorious title. The show is judged by Heidi Klum, Simon Cowell, Sofia Vergara and Howie Mandel.

The 15th season of America’s Got Talent was not any different. After rigorous elimination processes and facing top-notch entertainers from every domain, Brandon Leake emerged victorious. However, the struggle of other contestants like Cristina Rae is not to be overlooked. 

The following article gives a piece of brief information about those dedicated contestants.


  1. Cristina Rae
  • The famous Cristina Rae AGT Contestant mesmerized the audience with her performance of “Gimme Shelter”. Hailing from Nashville, Christina is a single mom to four-year-old Jeremiah.
  • She was born on February 7th, 1988, in Nashville. As of now, Rae is 32 years old and is an African-American by ethnicity.
  • Cristina Rae Biography reveals that she trained at the Salama Urban Ministries for 16 years as a classical dancer, singer and actress. She also attended the Nashville School of Arts and later joined the Fisk University for speech and dramatics.
  • Having pursued a career in entertainment and delivering innumerable jaw-dropping performances, she is a woman of promise. Searches show that Cristina Rae net worth is $700k.


  1. Bello Sisters
  • Bello Sisters was a group of three acrobatics who participated in the AGT season 15. The group consists of German-Italian Joline, Loren and Celine Bello.
  • The fantastic Bello Sisters Ages lie in the range of 13-22 years. The youngest is Joline of 13 years, Celine is 19 years and Loren is 22 years.
  • Information on Bello Sisters Mom and Dad is not clear. Their dad goes, by the name of Steven, and their mother was the first woman to walk on the high wire with stilts. 
  • As for their education, it is known that the oldest sister, Loren graduated from SFP Canossiana VR School located in Verona. The details of her other sisters are not yet known.


  1. Daneliya Tuleshova
  • Daneliya Tuleshova’s family belongs to Astana, Kazakhistan. She was born on 18th July 2006 to loving Elena and Alexander Tuleshova. She is the eldest among her two sisters.
  • Daneliya Tuleshova Bio tells us that she is a flourishing young girl right from childhood. After sustaining injuries from gymnastics, she switched to practicing ballroom dancing. In 2017, she won the Voice Kids Ukraine.
  • The 14-year-old young Daneliya Tuleshova height is 4 feet and 11 inches. For her educational background, Daneliya is currently studying in Lyceum 56 and is also practicing singing.
  • Although young, the promising talented Daneliya is worth around $350,000 as of 2021. It is quite evident that this is just the bedrock of her yet to come bright future.
  1. Brandon Leake
  • Brandon Leake AGT Winner is a poet and CEO of “Called to Move”. Other than his fame, he is employed as an academic advisor for San Joaquin Delta College.
  • Brandon was born on 4th May 1992, and as of now is 20 years old. He was the first poet to receive a golden buzzer in the first round of AGT. He hails from Stockton, California and had an 8-month old sister.
  • Upon being crowned; the AGT winner, Brandon Leake net worth shot up to $1 million. The poet and philanthropist are ready to advance in his career.
  • Recently, Brandon Leake poem lyrics have surfaced on the internet. His heart-touching poem about his late sister had brought tears to many.


  1. Kenadi Dodds
  • The young Kenadi Dodds is a pianist, guitarist and singer. The 15-year-old girl aspires to be a singer from 9.
  • Despite not hailing from a musical background, Kenadi Dodds AGT Contestant was selected, for her performance on “One-way ticket to Tennessee”. She was mentored by her dad, who is a two-time Paralympian.
  • Kenadi has two sisters who want to follow in her footsteps. Unfortunately, all her family members are visually impaired, except her.
  • According to the latest data, Kenadi Dodds net worth is around 2.2 million Euros. We can concur that she is yet to reach her full potential.


America’s Got Talent delivers the hidden talents to the world audience. Despite their challenging or supportive background, performing on the world stage is not easy. These contestants have proved that no hardships are big enough for those who wish to shine.