Instagrammable and All-Natural Snacks to Try: Acai Bowl

Acai bowls are trending and it’s no wonder why. They are nutritious and delicious and definitely instagram-worthy. Once virtually unknown, the tiny acai berry is big stuff these days. 

You can find acai bowls practically everywhere now but if you want the best acai bowl Whittier is the place to go – at the new Nevera Juice Bar.

What the is Acai?

Acai is a tiny berry that hails from the Amazon region, also endearingly called “purple gold” and by the way, it’s pronounced “ah-sah-EE”. Acai is a superfood – rich in vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. They are dark in color and look a lot like blueberries, but some say they taste like a mix of rich blackberries or raspberries with a hint of dark chocolate. 

Acai berries come from the acai palm. They are full of natural sugars, fiber, and a healthy fat content. Although it has an extremely high nutrition value, it has a very low shelf life and can spoil in a single day. But it all works out because since it must be in freeze dried powder or frozen puree form to be stored, there’s a lot of room for creativity – like acai bowls. 

Another positive thing about acais having a short shelf life is that they typically aren’t sold in grocery stores. That means enjoying a fresh acai bowl or acai soft serve calls for heading over to Nevera Juice Bar or another establishment where acai is served so an acai craving turns into a social outing. 

The History of Acai 

Indigenous tribes in the Amazon region of South America have been consuming acai for thousands of years but the berry didn’t make its way over to the US until the early 2000s when two brothers and a friend (Ryan and Jeremy Black and Edmund Nichols) made a trip to Brazil and fell in love with the rich berries. They got a wild hair to introduce acai to the US and that they did. They founded Sambazon – an acai import company- and sold frozen puree door-to-door. Their hard work paid off. Now acai can be found in concoctions from New York to San Diego and all points in between.

Even before the acai craze, the Gracie family (famous for their Brazilian jiujitsu gyms) invented acai bowls -. a dish consisting of a bowl made of thick smoothie and acai berry mix filled with ingredients like granola, coconut, chopped fruit, berries, almond butter, coconut, and other tasty healthy treats. The bowls were incorporated into the famous “Gracie Diet” and they became overwhelmingly popular as an energy boosting, low sugar, healthy and delicious food. When Sambazon came along and made acai berries readily available, America’s love affair with acai bowls ignited. 

Acai Bowls and the Benefits Thereof

Acai bowls are extremely healthy – especially when the ingredients are organic. The acai alone is so nutritious it’s deemed a superfood, bursting with nutrients. Some of the benefits you’ll find in acai bowls include:

Immune support: Acai contains polyphenolic compound which can help reduce the development of cells that are malfunctioning by 86%. Research has shown that polyphenolic compound extracts derived from acai reduce malfunctioning cells of tumor growth.

Brain health: Acai is linked to slowing down the aging of your brain so it can work better and faster. It also promotes cognitive functioning and alertness.

Anti-aging: Full of a special group of anti-oxidants called anthocyanins, the berry is appreciated for turning back the hands of time. 

Reduces bad cholesterol: Super good for the heart, acai contains omega-6 and omega-9 which maintain healthy cholesterol levels and reduces high levels too.

Helps weight loss: The wonder berry is an excellent alternative to fast food and fatty snacks that curbs sugar cravings. It also reduces fat deposits within the body. 

Energy booster. Acai ignites stamina and promotes energy.

Skin health. Rich in anti-oxidants, acai is great for skin care. The oil extract is even used in beauty products to cleans and moisturize. 

Aids in digestion. Acai is a fantastic source of fiber. It flushes out and detoxes the system and keeps the bowels moving regularly. 

Good for diabetics. This berry is not only allowed in diabetic diets, it’s beneficial to it. With a low glycemic index and low lipid levels, it helps keep blood sugar maintained. 

Increases blood circulation. Acai can help keep blood circulation flowing smoothly.

Protects against harmful organisms. Acai extract is a powerful defense that wards off parasites and other destructive organisms that like to invade the body. 

It’s no wonder this delicious berry is a proud member of the superfood group.

All that and more…

The benefits above are what acai alone provides. When other ingredients are added to the mix like the whole grains, fruit, and berry fillings and healthy toppings go into the bowl are factored in, the nutrient value soars even higher.

Although the health benefits of acai bowls are through the roof, it’s the flavor that keeps many enthusiasts coming back for more. Acai bowls taste amazing.

Best Fresh Acai Bowls in Whittier

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